Essay Samples on India

Progress of Solar Energy Investment in India

Abstract In this era of rapid industrialization, power is one of the most crucial components for the economic growth and welfare of nations. India, being a developing nation, has always faced deficiency of power. Consumption of fossil fuels in gigantic volumes to generate electricity has…

Farmer Goods Storage and Agriculture in India

As the Indian population is increasing, the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables is also increasing. Owing to the perishable nature and very short shelf life, these items require proper storage and transportation facilities in order to reach to the customer in fresh state. A…

The Practice of Human Trafficking in India

Human trafficking is an issue that has received increased attention in recent years. Around the world, politicians have highlighted the problem as a justification for policies that restrict immigration. For example, the President of the United States argues that a border wall is needed partly…

Detailed Look at the Censorship Regulations in India

Censorship in India is defined within behaviours, political affiliations, twitter comments, media outlets, and archaic laws such as The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, which has been used to prosecute a woman found with “Maoist leaflets”. Even though the High Court of Bombay, in a…

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