The Diversity Of Indian Cuisine And Its Evolution

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I am from India. India has a diverse culture with heaps of different religion and different culture. I’m describing about Indian cultural heritage and food. Our food has richness of spices, herbs and butter.


Indian food is very popular all around the world. Indian cuisine is known for heaps of dishes like Curries, Naans, and Tandoori Chicken etc. Basically our cooking style was wooden fire cooking but now it’s changed because of advancement like uses of electrical stoves, tandoors etc. Indian culture is diverse so we have both kind of food like vegetarian and non- vegetarian.

  • Sarsoo ka saag with makki di roti
  • Tandoori chicken
  • Chole Bhature

Indigenous, local and global traditions:


The food which belong to a proper region. India is a country of agriculture, so all our food also belongs what we grow. Basically the key ingredients are wheat flour, rice, lentils, pearl millet, dairy products etc.

In Punjab all of these ingredients are grown on fields. Punjabi culture prefer homemade foods rather than fast foods and restaurants food etc.

The homemade recipes is different in comparison to any hotels and restaurant. We eat our daily because it’s good and it’s ours heritage. Some regular homemade food like curries, chapatti (bread) and kheer ( rice pudding).

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Punjabi cuisines are very popular now a days because of its rich flavour and texture. Punjabi people love to eat spicy food. They use the herbs and spice which they grow on their fields. In the northern part of India regions of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, U.P is very popular for farming. And all the raw foods and spices we can found easily in these regions.


As our Indian spice is traded worldwide. Our food culture is also migrated to worldwide and nowadays Indian food is very popular throughout the world. There are many food recipes (traditional food) comes from Punjab, Rajasthan, and other parts of India and now spread all around world because of their taste, flavour and hotness. I think in every country we can easily find Indian restaurants, takeaways. The famous foods are curries, Naan, tandoori chicken and so on.

Social, economic and cultural change

Social change

Punjab is diverse part of India. There are many communities living in Punjab and every community have got their own food. A years ago, there were different ways of cooking and they used to cook with simple elements and now many things changed. In past days people used to make dishes on various cultural events and functions like marriage, fairs, birthdays but in recent years it’s keep on changing like people following western cooking style and western food. Ages ago Punjabis used to eat rich diet with heaps of butter and other dairy products, but as people migrating from Punjab to foreign countries their eating habits are also changing.

Economy change

In Past years people used to grow food only for their own use. But today people are earning good money from their local food. They opened restaurants and hotels and they are selling their foods. Even they also exporting their foods to different countries. So all these changes made a great impact on the economy of Punjab.

Cultural change

Our Punjabi culture prefer vegetarian food. Our cultural dishes are Saag, Chapatis, Nann, Lassi etc. But due to modernization and migration of people, our people are adapting their food and cooking styles like palak panner, garlic nann, cheese nann are the fusion dishes we adapted from different people. And nowadays people loves to eat fast foods like KFC and Macdonald and other Chinese street foods.

Religious, migratory and ethnic Influences


In India there are four common religions Sikh, Hindu, Muslim And Christian. All religion have their own food culture. Basically Sikh people are vegetarian, they don’t prefer any kind of meat in the food. All their food comes from agriculture like wheat, corn, rice, green vegetables and dairy products etc. Their food is very important to them even they serve the same food at their Gurudwara’s. On their cultural festival they make their own food and sweets.


As our food and spices are traded to world and people are migrating in foreign countries, they are adapting western culture and cuisines. Like our traditional chapatti, Naan, and Curries are changed. And other influences like these street markets and fast food chains and takeaways are also mixed in our culture.


India is the largest country in the Indian subcontinent. There are heaps of varieties of cuisines in India then rest of world. Indian has 28 different states and different food culture. Punjabi recipes are rich and diverse. Sarsoo da saag is the most common dish in Punjab and it’s the dish which is very popular from old generations. Parathas is a layered bread made of wheat flour and fried in butter which is quite popular from old generations.

Technological advancements in food production and consumption

As there is advancement in technology in last recent years. There are number of machines invented in food production industry. We have many factories for food production now a days. If we are talking about kitchens, we have all type of ovens, blenders and good work stations and so many things.

The good example in kitchen, we were used tandoor made with soil. Now we have got electric tandoors which are really under great demand of worldwide. Because of our food is more spicy and great to eat so just with some way to serve changes and looking of plate moderated, these advancements makes our food famous.

If we are talking about technological advancements in consumption, There are many restaurants who taking the order online, which is faster. Every repetitive restaurants have got their menu. These menu simplify everything easily which is easy for people what they really want to eat. And nowadays people loves to eat fast food which is easy to make and can get easily everywhere. These machine made is quite cheap,so that’s also a reason people love to eat more food.


Here, I come to the conclusions that all about change, the change comes in everything, like here we are on cuisines topic, so the change comes in there regularly. I mean the spices are same what the way of using is going to be different and now they add some more herbs make it tasty. In old era, people in Punjab eat with simple way but now we have got good kitchens to work in there. People eating style is also changed, now people in Punjab also east on dining tables.

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