Vikalp India: Significance Of Digital Marketing In Indian Context

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Company Introduction

I. Vikalp India

VIKALP in Hindi means alternative. As the name suggests Vikalp India promotes alternative experiential Learning Solution for Mathematics in primary classes. Our focus is on developing alternative methods and materials which help children to learn concepts and make connection with what they already know and experience in their real life. We offer class-wise products, coursebooks, facilitator’s guide, training and assessment enables schools to implement “learning by doing” in everyday classroom practices. We also help educational institutes to setup Math Resource Centre.

II. Educationists

Sr. M. Hyacintha, A.C Director, Carmel Teacher Center, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. Sister Hyacintha is a trainer of primary school teachers of Carmel Convent. Her innovative way of designing learning apparatus has been recognized by National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. She has devoted her last forty-five years in teaching tribal children.

Late. P.K. Srinivasan, Director Emeritus, Ramanujan Museum and Math Education Center and Academic Secretary of Mathematics Teachers, Chennai. A Fulbright exchange teacher in the United States, Mr. Srinivasan taught Mathematics in Nigeria and India. He was also a lecturer at the NCERT in India. He advocated the use of teaching aids as improvisational tools in order to illustrate mathematical concepts.

III. Implementation

Program by Vikalp India is implemented in the school by a series of interventions at the regular intervals throughout the academic year. Team conducts introductory session, chapter wise workshops and handholding sessions for a continuous relationship. Regular relationship manager’s visits are also structured for effective handholding and mentoring for the successful implementation of the program.

Chapter-wise workshops: Chapter-wise discussion with teachers about teaching methodology and the use of TLMs. Detailed discussion on each and every topic.

Hand-holding Session: Facilitate teachers towards better implementation of the Vikalp Program in the classroom. Resolve classroom management issues (if any) during implementation of activities.

Relationship Manager Visit: Objective of this visit is to observe the implementation and do the troubleshooting. Role of the Relationship Manager is to solve operational problem and identify whether the school needs any academic help. Observation of each visit is duly recorded in Engagement Report.

Engagement A Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan

Product Delivery

Fixing the Visit – 1

implementation Plan

Pre – Concepts Test Visit – 1

Introductory Session & Visit – 2


Teacher Chapter wise – Session & Visit -3 Visit – 6 Visit – 8 Visit- 11


Hand -holding Session & Visit – 4 Visit – 7 Visit – 9 Visit-12



Parent PTM & Feedback Visit- 5 Visit- 10 Visit – 13

Management/ RM Visit (Orientation & Visit-1 Visit- 5 Visit – 13

Principal Feedback)

Feedback Call by RM


Ongoing Support by Ongoing Support over Email and Phone (Proactive connect every month)




Update to Key Regular Update through Email and SMS (2 Update every Quarter)

Stakeholders (email)

Impact Assessment Surveys

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Vikalp has conducted several third-party assessments to measure the impact of Vikalp India’s program in the schools. Student impact studies were conducted by GreyMatters and Group of Carmel schools. Teacher impact and Feedback study from both teachers and parents were conducted by Acumen.

Student achievement surveys were conducted in close to 20 Carmel schools spread across different parts of India. Sample size was 5,821 students, who were taught using Vikalp Methodology. To understand the impact of Vikalp program on teacher’s performance. Lean Data study was conducted by Acumen. Both satisfaction and challenges were discussed and analyzed with more than 500 teachers. An exhaustive survey which included telephonic conversation with more than 1500 parents was conducted by the Acumen team.

Impact on Students Surveys done by Camel Educational Institutions (20 schools, 5821 students)

Significant percentage rise in scores after 2 months (up to 20 months) of experiential learning.

Concept wise percentage increase in the student achievement surveys. (For example- Addition 36%, Measurement 67%, Division 66%, Fraction 49%, Multiplication 41%, Numeration 31% etc.)

The Average scores, across concepts increased from 37% to 85.7% an increase of 229%

At least 95% of teachers said that Vikalp had improved students’ interest level, their ability to understand concepts,

as well as their ability to grasp concepts.

Impact Study on Teachers done by Acumen (107 teachers of 25 schools)

43% of teachers said that their interest levels towards teaching Math had gone up.

Teachers felt assessment done with Vikalp helped them to understand the weak and the strong point of every child, thereby encouraging peer learning.

Close to 50% teachers felt that Vikalp has contributed in improving the quality of their classroom environment by making the Math interaction easy. This also has positive impact on teacher- student relationship.

Feedback Survey from Parents done by Acumen (1587 parents)

Parents of girl child gave feedback about improved ability to do homework and better marks

Parents gave positive feedback about the learning and concentration level of children

Parents of male child indicated that their child is now able to do their Homework themselves.

Government Projects

Vikalp implemented Experiential Learning for Mathematics in primary wing of schools under Directorate of Education (DoE), Delhi and primary wing of 41 schools of U.P Govt, under NSF (Nucleus software foundation).

Data for the academic year 2017-18:

Concept clarity through Vikalp tools led to a fondness towards Math that in turn ensured more attendance.

Diagnostic reports for school, teacher and each student help them to understand their weak and strong areas. (for example- SV, Chirag Delhi children need more practice in number concepts while SBV Ambedkar Nagar need to reinforce shapes and spatial understanding.)

Percentage rise in score after 3 months of experiential learning in major Math concepts like: Number Relation-85%, Addition-65%, Subtraction-55%, Fraction- 44%.

Most of the schools are requesting for teacher workshops for grades 4 and 5 concepts to decrease the learning gap.


Currently we have presence in 8 states and UT with more than 250 schools enrolled with Vikalp India program. The number is increasing for academic year 2018-19. We have influenced learning of more than 1,50,000+ students so far and striving to reach more with every minute!!

Experiential Learning in schools


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The segment witnessed 35 per cent growth between December 2011 and December 2012 while it grew by 33 per cent between December 2012 and December 2013.

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