Mobile Learning In Education System

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In the course of the most recent couple of years there have been a great deal of level headed discussions and contentions that whether we should utilize mobile learning in education system or not. As each coin has two sides, this statement has both positive and negative sides. So question emerges is utilizing of m-learning innovation good or bad for education framework in TRU? As technology is increasing day by day, so some training procedures which are used are little outdated. It is high time that education system in TRU should begin utilizing Mobile learning which have parcel of advantages like easy access to learning, you can get free books online or in much cheaper prize and etc.

Initially, mobile learning is less expensive: The reason it is not expensive for colleges and schools is on the grounds that universities or colleges do not need to purchase costly PCs or iPads for their classroom anyway understudies can simply utilize their own cell phones by downloading an application and can master anything anywhere anytime. Thus, is less expensive in correlation with introducing PCs in every classroom for understudies.

Furthermore, it also facilitates collaborative learning (Frydenberg, 2018). It supports learning by helping students of various areas to discuss and learn together in group with their companions. Generally, means one education globe in single mobile. Moreover, it provides simple access to information (Hamidi, 2018). Mobile learning helps in giving simple access to learning whenever wherever anyplace. Like if a man is going on a trek or from work to home, he can learn anywhere, anytime while travelling so there is easy access to learn.

Additionally, it encourages self-paced learning. Not all students are same. Each learner has his own particular pace of learning and understanding. While utilizing M-learning it gets easier for student to learn at his own particular pace. For instance, in classrooms sometimes student may can feel uncomfortable and can falter to request re-explanation. In mobile learning nobody cares about how frequently you visit the course with which you have freedom to understand it properly.

On the flip side, there are a few hindrances of mobile learning, which we think can be tackled in near future. Firstly, poor internet connection can be a big issue. Everyone is aware of this fact that internet connection does not work in some areas that is the basic necessity of M-learning (Morgan, 2018). So, in order to resolve this issue, people in USA and some other countries are endeavoring to give free WIFI’s in parks, shopping centers, airports, railroad stations and so on. In near future it appears like they have objective to give free WIFI’s all over the place. So, this connection issue is or can be tackled.

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Secondly, it deals with storage problems. Many gadgets or cell phones do not have enough stockpiling ability to store e-books or assignments. So, to fathom this issue we found that now a days iCloud, Google drive, etc. provides additional space for storage. Basically, university should provide online storage space for TRU students which would be free for them and can be utilized in case of storage problem. This barrier can easily be removed.

Also, the cost of mobile phones is a big issue. Sometimes the cost of android or apple telephones is so high that not everyone can afford it. We think that its 21st century and there would not in any case a single person who might not be using android phones. If so there is person who is not able to afford a mobile phone, university can provide them with device. It's less expensive then introducing PCs for each of the 32 students in class.

In conclusion, we would state that utilizing M-learning in TRU or some other universities could be extremely useful for students who are travelling, understudies who feel little hesitate to re-ask for understanding and even it is more affordable in correlation with introducing PCs in every classroom for understudies. Everything is possible on Mobile telephones learning, quizzes, assignments and so on. Even if there are a few downsides like storage and network issues, it appears like those hindrances can easily be tackled. So, utilizing this Mobile learning technology could help our TRU University a lot.


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