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The Choice Of Printed Books Over Digital Technology

There are many reading sources, such as books, magazines, newspapers, journals, periodicals, etc. These reading materials appear in our every day in our daily lives in two forms: either in print or digitally; both being substitute goods. Reading sources are used by all people, alike;...

The Replacement of Radio Stations by the Digital Alternatives

The radio receives electromagnetic waves from the air that are sent by a radio transmitter. Electromagnetic waves are a combination of electrical and magnetic fields that overlap. The radio converts these electromagnetic waves, called a signal, into sounds that humans can hear. Guglielmo Marconi successfully...

Digital Piracy as Main Crime of 21st-Century

Humans have been performing illegal activities for years. With today’s 21st-century society being technology, illegal activity within the technological/internet-based realm is a major occurrence. Digital piracy is the illegal trade in software, videos, digital video devices, and music. Piracy occurs when someone other than the...

How to Concluded Three Digital Piracy Issues

Issue #1: The main economical issue piracy causes is fundamentally disabling the rightful owner/s of the content from obtaining any funds compared to a legitimate, official purchase. Statistically, the United States’ motion picture, sound recording, business software, and entertainment software production facilities lost above 20...

What is Digital Gold and How It Wad Created

Outline Gold is a valuable mineral which is beside jewel regarding esteem. Gold has been performing admirably available as its cost accepts proceeds with upward pattern throughout the years. Along these lines, gold has been one of only a handful couple of benefits speculators aren’t...

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