Ai In Marketing: Ai In Marketing Is Definitely Creating An Impact

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There is a race between huge MNC’s as to who can develop the best algorithm to determine the customer’s taste and preferences. Started in 2012 by Target, which used the concept to predict the future demands of a particular customer by considering its current shopping habits, the role of AI is growing ever since. According to a research in 2016, 68% of the companies are focusing on developing their marketing stratergy using AI. It is therefore, not only affecting the sales of the companies who are using it, but also defining the individuals and groups. Various marketing gurus are certain of the fact that AI in the future is going to be a vital tool for the company and will help in meeting the companies goals and objectives.

AI is dependent of various things without which it cannot operate and those things will not be able to operate effectively in the absence of AI. Therefore, it is a kind of limitation that AI irrespective of its huge smartness and overwhelming growth cannot survive without the basic necessities such as infrastructure, network, biochips, quantum computing, etc. According to the article, the AI won’t really affect the job security of the people who are working in the field where the usage of AI is enormous but will aid the working of those people because they will have a more accurate, automatic and faster resource to rely on. But according to me, this article somehow does not take into the consideration the impact of AI in the lower level jobs such as customer sales representative, where as said earlier people are changing their preferences to interact with the automated machines instead of one-on-one interaction with an actual human being.The author presents a very crucial concern about AI negatively affecting the human race.

As we have already classified AI as weak and strong, according to the article it signifies that the strong AI has the ability to develop and modify itself beyond the control of human beings. This concern, if proven correct, can create a huge risk for the human beings. According to Olson, P. (2018), the effect of AI in the job market is likely to be negative but eventually turn out to be effective in the long-term. The research carried out by him in UK suggests that there will be a decrease in the people having a secure job, but if the people bring change in themselves and start to improve their skill, the job market is then certainly going to rise. But my concern is what would be the impact on the people who are not fortunate enough to carry out this change in themselves. This study also suggests that AI will go parallel to the human beings and will help them out in carrying complex operations in real time, but once again focuses more on the medical profession. IBM’s AI named Watson has been one of the most successful inventions in the world of AI since it has the ability to crack jokes, write lyrics for a songs, etc.

On the other hand, Google’s AI can do lip reading better than the human beings can and can also become a pro in any video game and that too just in hours Conick, H. (2017). Therefore, these abilities of the computer machine and the quick learning ability of the technology, it is just a matter of time when these supreme machines will start to dominate the human generation.

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