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Research on the 3D Bioprinting with Organ and Tissue Transplants

The process of transplanting organs has been helping those in need for decades, tracing back all the way to the 1950’s. Organ transplants allow doctors to save the lives of millions of patients, but the demand for donors is ever-growing. Because of this, there is...

Complexity and Design Freedom of 3d Printing

My computing innovation is 3D-Printing. This is the process of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file with a 3D-printer. Its purpose is to allow users to produce complex objects in a precise and repeatable way. With my computational artifact, I show how 3D-printing works;...

How and What is Made 3D Printing

3D printing also known as additive manufacturing is an old technology that has been referred to as a group of technologies that build physical objects directly from 3D-CAD data file [125].In contrast to subtractive manufacturing technologies (such as milling or machining, cutting, lathing, turning, etc.),...

3D Printing Revolution In the World of Producing

Abstract 3D printing has been a revolution within the world of producing that has modified the manner a product is intended and made. it's led to a seismal amendment within the methodology of producing, whereby the merchandise is made layer-by-layer to the ultimate kind. This...

Foundation And Development of 3D Printing

Introduction With the development of society and the needs of people, for many businesses, innovation has become an indispensable key to success. As a group, we are asked to create an innovative product by using the 3D printer for our assignment. The purpose of this...

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