A Way To A Better World Through The Use Of Technology.

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This article shows that promoting technology as complicit helps in the exacting of a multifaceted GCE. Furthermore, the development of GCE through technology creates an opportunity for educators to realign disciplinary focus in light of the increasing incentive for schools to ‘go global’. This article explores challenges associated with global citizen education and how to overcome them.

Despite the widespread promotion of the global school, it remains unclear as to how global citizenship education (GCE) is developed. Educational bodies such as UNESCO are in the full throws of developing models for GCE yet questions remain as to how a sweeping notion might take effect. Modes of GCE thinking range from post-colonial perspective, critical perspectives, postmodernism as well as an oratory utopianism. In the classroom, students can start to face issues of global independence through an economics course, diversity of identities and cultures in a history course, sustainable development in an environmental science course and more. Classes should allow for varied learning methods such as debate and role-playing. They should be taught skills that include critical thinking/reasoning, creativity/creative thinking, problem solving, metacognition, collaboration, communication, global citizenship and literacies such as reading literacy, writing literacy, numeracy, information literacy, ICT [information and communications technologies] and digital literacy. A global platform should be made using Technology that will enable elementary and secondary school as well as university students from different backgrounds around the globe to interact directly with each other. Digital technologies can help students investigate their world in many classes and curricular areas. Using digital connections to communicate with native speakers, especially other students, will revolutionize language learning.

As a result, students learn to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens, and effective contributors. All in all, this will allow students to explore, develop and express their own values and opinions. They will increase their listening and respecting skills of others and their opinions and be able to make informed choices that not only affect them but others as well. I see this as promoting a new sense of “living together”. Partnered school students can communicate in a genuinely reciprocal manner, indeed, in a way that offers some distinct advantages over what is all-too-often a “one-way learning environment” in which visiting students must adapt to their host country and assimilate to the local culture. I believe that this will help to create a learning space especially suited to global citizenship, inasmuch as online connectivity allows the participants to learn from one another on a more equal footing. Nevertheless, the future of the world lies in the hands of the youth.

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