The Impact Of Technology On Everyday Life: It Makes Life Easier

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Technology has made a great impact as to how people involve with the world and as to how they spend their day-today lives. Few decades ago people did not know what exactly technology is and today technology has made people educated of what technology is and how to use it. Mobile phones, laptops, CCTV cameras, GPS systems are some inventions of technology. Internet is the best known invention that has been done using the technology. Internet has predominantly modernized the human life. In the current world, we can see that technology has developed more with new discoveries in different sectors like Medical, Engineering, Information and Communication technology and etc.

Teens today has become very smart than comparing with the previous generations due to the usage of technology. Mainly they can access knowledge and get to know about anything they want through Internet, as internet contain information about anything. This quick access of knowledge had made teens smarter than the previous generations. Kids from the 60’s and 70’s question all the time “why?” from their parents and they knew that their parents would answer to any of their questions, but sometimes kids do ask questions which even their parents cannot answer them. Even in today’s generation kids keep on asking “why?” but not from their parents because they know they that can find it out by themselves. They learn how to find out something efficiently and effectively on the internet as they know that internet contain information about anything. Through this we clearly see that kids today are smarter than the previous generations. Teenagers who use internet does not just consume it, they learn to create, discuss, evaluate, critique and invent. They learn to forward their ideas and to implement them, through this they get to know about their skills and qualifications. Teenagers can even do their studies by using E-learning. By using the technology they get the chance of experiencing new things in life and this chance cannot be experienced by the previous generations. As an example, by using GPS system now-a-days we can go anywhere we like at any time. Comparing to earlier stages of time this is more effective and easier. So through the above mentioned facts we can clearly see that due to the usage of technology teens today has become very smart than comparing with the previous generations.

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The art of communication plays a significant role among teenagers. Technology has given us the ability of communicating anyone at anytime and anywhere. As an example we can communicate with our parents or our relatives in a case of an emergency at anytime. Teenagers are the ones who develop and maintain fruitful relationships with others. To this purpose technology has supported with an active communicational solution. Through social media teens have the ability of getting to know new friends, to discover and send information to their friends and even to the whole world. Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, Instagram are few examples of social media. With technology, you can have live video calls with people living all over the world by using a simple webcam and a teleconference facility. Today’s teenagers are smart enough to purchase anything at anywhere and anytime. Teenagers are supported with the facility of starting a business or continuing a business of their own by using technology. When using technology businesses operate efficiently and effectively. It makes our life easier in automation of operations, employee monitoring and even with business security. By the use of technology today’s teens had become very smart even to start effective businesses of their own.

The process of revolutionizing in the world of science means that the technology is growing day by day. Once the technology invents a new a product, developers and scientists do researches as to upgrade it further more to make our lives more easier. Teenagers have more innovative ideas than adults and due to technology they have the facility of fast access to Information. So teens today are smart enough to use their innovative ideas and knowledge to build or invent new creations, products or even to do new inventions and researches. Most of the time we can observe that teenagers repair or create new things by using technology or even by referring to videos on the Internet. So through such things their future can be even planned as to becoming a scientist or an inventor. Example, the Water purifier and the Power generator was invented by the 17 year old teenager as to solve the issue of distributing power and clean water to remote areas of the world. So teens now-a-days do not just consume the technology, they try to get something useful from it. Previous generation teens have failed to do these sort of smart things as they did not have the opportunity of using the technology.

System developing and Computer coding is a process of programming and maintaining applications or software components. This is a section where many teenagers are interested of. There are plenty of teenagers who love to be software developers, software engineers and etc. By using the technology teens experiment doing new computing coding and implement new software. By doing these it highlights their skills and what they are good at. Some teenagers attempt in developing games by using their knowledge and technology. By seeing teenagers using the technology one can come to a conclusion as to today’s teenagers are very smart.  

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