Technology Makes Life Easier: The Effects Of Technology

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How Will Our Lives Be Changed By Technology

Technologies can change our life in different kinds of ways. One of the ways are that we can use technology for communicating with each other. We can use social media or other apps to chat with other people easily. The apps are called instagram, WhatsApp, line, twitter and etc. By using technology, our lives can change to be much easier.

Another way is to use it for education or school work. Technology can be used for teachers to make questions for the students and to make it easier for them. Imagine not having technology, it will be 10x the work for them. If teachers use technology, they can print it much more faster than not using technology.

The last way that technology can change our live is that we can use it as our entertainment. We can download our favorite music on the internets or apps and also watch movies online. Some websites are free to watch any movies but some apps or websites need payment to watch it offline or online. There are also games such as PUBG or magic touch. We can play those games when we are bored of boredom. Some apps needs internet to play on and some don’t.

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How Will Technology Advance in the Future

The arguments of the better device: Samsung or Apple has been going on since the past few years. The arguments are really not one sided and they are debatable as both have their pros and cons but I actually believe that Apple is a better brand than Samsung as the advantages on Apple outweigh the advantages on Samsung. I believe that the younger generation prefer to carry their mobile phones while adults mostly carry laptops as they feel that work and typing is done easier on a laptop. I believe that laptops are more effective for work while mobile phones are mostly for entertainment purposes. Some apps that are not there on the phone is there on the laptop and some apps on the phone is not there on the laptop. In this way, they both have their pros and cons. Apple is getting more and more advanced not only by bringing out new phones in 2020, but also releasing a new interactive item shaped like a speaker. It will be something like a Siri in a speaker form. It will be called the HomePod. Many other advances of technology will be presented in 2020 and that is merely one example. A research has shown that teens aged from 18-22 have been reported to show signs of depression and loneliness. Looking at other people’s possessions makes you feel ungrateful about your own life and that you don’t have those amazing things they have. The advantage of more advanced technology is that work can be done easier, faster and more effectively. Alas, there is always a bad side to everything. Technology can change your personality, it can change who you are and it can limit you from spending quality time with your family as you are engrossed in your device. Obviously, there is a solution. The solution is to limit your gadget time and for most cases, that will solve the problem. Technology has its’ pros and cons and you have to use it wisely to reap the benefits.

Advancements In Electricity

One of the most notable and important leaps in technology within this era was the discovery of electricity. It allowed us to store more energy than before, provide more energy than before and most importantly, it can make objects move through electromagnetic forces.

It is even still being being used today in the form of gadgets, lights, vehicles, kitchen appliances and practically everything else that we use. And as our dependance towards appliances which uses electricity, the increase in the technological ability of those appliances will increase as we invent better and better appliances.

And on the topic of electricity, 2017 saw the highest percentage of renewable energy to total energy produced, more than 30%. However, this number dropped in 2018 due to the increase in the natural gas boom. And with gas prices on the rise, experts predict that the percentage of renewable energy in 2019 will increase back to about 30%.

And on the topic of electricity, electrical vehicles, or ‘EV’ for short, has become cheaper and more reliable in the past few years and 2018 was not different. EV’s have become more and more technologically advanced and popular, more than 40% of car sales in Norway have been EV’s. There even have been entire cities in Norway and Switzerland which bans non-EV vehicles. By 2020, the IEA, the International Energy Agency, believes global EV numbers could hit 13 million and 125 million by 2020. So in conclusion, there will be many advancements in electrical engineering, particularly in the gadgetry and renewable energy field.

New Technology In The Future

For devices there would be wearable or implants that could monitor everyone’s health. There would also be virtual reality headsets. Even though currently virtual reality headsets is already a thing, but not much people are able to afford it. In 2020 virtual reality headsets would be way more common and more affordable. There would also be self-driving cars. Currently there are self-driving cars but can only drive in certain conditions. In the next few years it could follow curving lanes, change lanes, and safely navigate intersections. We will also have technology that doesn’t necessarily have to be a device. There would be new technology or upgraded things that will be presented in 2020. It would be like automations that could help our daily activities, 5G for better and faster internet connections with higher capacities, and lots more technology that will be invented or upgraded in the future. We will also have artificial intelligence or called robots. In the future robots can learn the same things as humans does and as fast as any human can. And there would be lots more technology invention that we can or cannot predict.

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