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Issue Of Internet Privacy And Open-Public Wifi

As everyone’s been saying, the conventional wisdom is that open/public (o/p) WiFi is terribly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs because anyone can just intercept your packets and read them, whereas with WPA2, the packets are encrypted. For this reason, it is often...

The Configurational Options of Baidu WiFi Network

Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a lightweight networking tool which could empower anybody to easily install an online hotspot for sharing with your PC’s internet connectivity into your mobile device. Because it may be configured in only moments and activated in only a couple of mouse...

Communication (WiFi) Jammer Using IOT and Python Script

Abstract This research paper presents the WIFI communication disruption which is very useful for the law enforcement agencies worldwide during tactical operations as the agency can disrupt the communication between terrorist organizations. Further, it can be helpful in universities and mosques worldwide to avoid mobile...

Wifi as A Need In Today's World

Wifi is a need for many people; free wifi Stations in big cities will highly benefit everyone. This would be based on all the data from New York city wifi stations. With wifi stations all around the city, there are bound to be many positive...

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