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The Digital Divide: Examining the Social and Economic Implications

The Digital Revolution is upon us. People, as a whole, have become so dependent on digital technology that they would not know how to survive without it. It refers to the change in technology that has been going on in the last years from analog...

Digital Forensics: The Science Behind Solving Cybercrimes

1. Introduction In the current era, the majority of the population relies heavily over the usage of technology for everything. From social media to businesses conducting their operations there is increased reliance and usage of technology. Hence, as society evolves and technology marches forward our...

Digital Evidence: The Key to Successful Investigations & Prosecutions

1. Introduction Almost all crimes nowadays have some form of digital evidence associated to them. Digital evidence by its nature is very fluid and transient but the digital investigation takes a lot of time to complete. One small change in digital evidence can make the...

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