Wifi as A Need In Today's World

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Wifi is a need for many people; free wifi Stations in big cities will highly benefit everyone. This would be based on all the data from New York city wifi stations. With wifi stations all around the city, there are bound to be many positive and negative effects. Some including it’s encrypted, it is free for taxpayers, and the service is provided to people who don’t have it.

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The biggest thought when it comes to free public wifi is, is it safe? With these stations the data is encrypted. The term encrypted means to conceal data by turning it into code. when data is encrypted the information cannot be sold to third-party buyers. This will create a safe to use environment and a service anyone can trust. Another common problem is that someone would use the tablet and looked at the search history, endangering personal info. But within these stations, there is a system that sets every use of the tablet into sessions. These sessions will clear all data (For example, search history) after the current session is done. Thus securing any information that anyone would not want it to be leaked.

Free wifi isn’t a positive idea to everyone. With the wifi stations being free to everyone, people who do not support it has to pay for it using tax. The stations are supported by ads that pay for the construction and the services for the wifi. The stations are made of three parts. Qualcomm who provides the service, Civic Smart Escapes who build the stations, and intersection who maintain the towers using ads. These three parts are an efficient way of keeping them in perfect condition and usable for years.

The most important part of the towers is the service that it provides. The average time that a cell phone battery can survive is 5-7 hours. The average human also uses their phone for 5 or more hours. There is no doubt based on these numbers that they have to charge their phones once a day. With their phone being at 0% the charging ports at the stations will provide them with enough charge to last until they get home. While they are waiting for their phones to charge, they can use the built-in tablet to surf the web or even watch a movie. This makes it convenient for most people to use by providing services on the go.

From a business point of view, people will think that these stations are taking away from other service providers like Rogers or bell. There will always be consequences to actions, for instance taking away business from other providers.

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