The Negative Impact Of The Internet On Human Society

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We all know that the internet is a very useful thing but everything has its good and bad side as well, excess use of anything is not good for anyone. These days’ maximum people have easy access to the internet, and that’s why maximum people variously misuse that. Wrong using anything can harm other people and themselves too. So we always should take care of what we have done. Every aged people can get harmed by it. So this essay will try to answer the question why the influence of the Internet has more negatively than positively impact on society

Harmful to studies

For study purposes, many parents give smartphones or computers to their children, and we all know that without any internet connection these things are not so useful. So they have to provide an internet connection. But the maximum time the children use it in a wrong way. They waste their valuable time on the internet. When they should concentrate on their studies that time they are busy doing some other stuff on their smartphones or computers using the internet. They know that we can do anything by using the internet. We can watch many movies, and cartoons, and can play games. They become get habituated to using a smartphone. They don’t give time to their studies they spent lots of time using their smartphone. Many times for these reasons students can’t perform well in examinations. They score low marks. They said to their parents they have done their studies but in reality, they haven’t. They just tell lies so they can use the internet and their parents won’t scold them.


At first, I already said that everything has a good and bad side. And it’s very common for human beings that maximum time what they see, what they listen and the thing they are surrounding can put more effect on their mental condition and their behavior. Like that on the internet, we can see many types of things. Some are good what can help us to make a good person and another side is bad, and based on a few types of research in this world maximum numbers of people use the internet for bad reasons. Many times peoples see bad types of movies where they can see misbehavior and bad language, many people like to see that. And in the same way, they behave with other people in their real life. For their bad behavior, they can make some permanent damage to their relationships and they can hurt people. Many times children do this type of thing in real life they answer in a wrong way with their parents and other elder members. Children’s minds are very soft and they can be modeled in every shape they want. By learning and watching good things they can turn their mind to a good side but by learning and watching bad things they can turn their mind wrong. With their little mind, they can’t take a decision which one is good and which one is bad for them. If they choose badly then they turn their future on the wrong side. They argue with elders about their own mistakes or many times they won’t feel sorry if they said anything wrong to their senior members as well as juniors. They rag their juniors and fight with them, what they see on the screen they want to apply in real. After this entire thing, I don’t think the internet is good for Childers or elders.

Less time for family

Many times peoples are so busy with their things they can’t make time for their loved ones. Or they just started ignoring people. Internet is a whole world in itself. People enjoy spending time using the internet and they aren’t able to give quality time to their family members. Many times they feel annoyed when they have to talk with people. The whole day they just surf the internet. Or doing that they become make distance from their family members and they get arrogant.


A whole day of internet surfing and being alone can be a depressing thing. If the person is not depressed in real life but seeing depressing stuff on the internet can make a negative vibe in their life. And in depression, people make some wrong choices and take some wrong decisions for that they have to suffer for their whole life or their family will suffer. According to many serves not only teenagers but also many mature adults people done many wrong things. They not only harm themselves but also harm other people. On the internet before seeing anything we don’t think that thing which we are going to see or learn is good or bad? We should see that or not? Suppose anyone has failed in something, then that person should take a better preparation for that and that person will get success on that but instead of doing that many people start watching many types of depressing videos which are viral on the internet, after watching or listing those things people going to think they are useless, worthless and they can’t do anything. That will down their moral strength and make them weak.


Internet addiction can be gone very wrong. People instead of doing their work are busy within the internet world. Many teenagers spent their day and night playing games on the internet and they become so addicted that avoid their studies and their duties. Sometimes they also skip their meals for that. It can put a really bad effect on their physical and mental growth. Many little eyes have to put on eyeglasses for that. And much using the internet can stop their ability to think of something big and great. Their whole thing just got stuck on the screen of their smartphone. More than listing people love to see things that are going on the internet, and whenever in become addicted they can face many health problems also. With eye-damaging and they can have serious back problems.

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Waste of money

In addiction to anything people can do many things, but they don’t think those are right or wrong. Whenever people are addicted to something then they don’t think about the consequences of that can happen. Internet is not a free service we have to pay for this. People who whole day use the internet and watch movies, play games, and see videos, the addicted one has to pay more money to get a whole day of internet service. People can see many things on the internet like people selling a lot of stuff, and many people show their interest in buying that. Without seeing the product in real life they pay money for that and many times they got the wrong products and their money was gone to waste.

Fake friends

Many online sites claimed that they connect people and help in their lifestyle but some people use that with the wrong intention. Many innocent people open their accounts on social sites but some bad-minded people can harm others. They talk and attract others with their charms and when they are totally into them then they going to harm them.


We have all heard about online fraud, it’s not a new thing for us. In this super-fast world, people want to make everything easy that they want to go with online payments. And in this online payment method, many people lost their money. Some bad peoples steal billions of people’s money using the internet.

Effect on kid’s growth

In a growing age kids should go outside and play with other kids. But instead of doing that they sit at home and enjoy seeing things on the internet and that can harm their little mind. Sometimes there are some mistakes done by the parents, because of parents kids got addicted and stubborn. For their work make easier they provide children with many kinds of shortcuts enjoying things like internet stuff. Kids sit and watch a cartoon or anything else on the internet for that they don’t annoy their parents and their parents can do their work. But it will make a wrong step in bringing up a child and it is also dangerous for the child.

How to avoid using the internet?

Use as needed

Excess use of anything is not good. So we have to use the internet that much we need it. Whenever we finish our work then we have to leave that.

Family time

Instead of using the internet the whole day we should give time to our family. We should talk with them should show the intention to know what’s going on in others family member’s life and if we have any problems then should share that too. A family is a place where people can talk freely because no one will judge them. They will help you to solve a problem which bothers you.

Parent’s attention

Parents should give attention to their child’s life. They should limit their pocket money or put a restriction on using the internet. Otherwise, what they do on the internet and which kinds of friends they make on the internet are good or bad. Also, they should check their child’s internet browser history because as I said earlier that everyone can see any kind of thing on the internet so the parents should take care of their child’s what sees on the internet. And how that thing will put affect their child’s mind. If their child went through any depression then they should that to the child and not scold but try to understand the problem. Every parent should inspire their child to go forward and tell them about the beautiful future they can have. Tell their child to go outside and play with their friends that can help the child.


People make their habits and they only can change them if they try. We should look at the outside and enjoy the natural things. Technology is important but not addiction. In the process of making us advance and smarter, we lost the real us.

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