Unleashing the Power of Digital Communication: New Era of Connectivity

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From 2000 until the present day, digital technology has developed so that it alters the way society communicates. The transition from old types of technology to new and improved forms of digital technology such as the transition from paperwork health records to electronic files in a centralized digital software is one example of the innovation and inventions that sprouted from technological advancements that can affect the way communication happens. In this essay, the position argued is that changes in technology from the early 2000s have occurred in a fashion that affects communication in the areas of business, interpersonal levels, and medicine for the better.

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A digitized workplace adopted in many of today’s corporations has seen improvements owing to the development of digital technology in regards to communication. Since the invention of the email in the 1970s, the white-collar industry has adopted its use into their work life, however, the formality of email takes away from the efficiency of the service. On the other hand, communication platforms with instant messaging function allow employees to message one another or as a selective group. Alike SMS, instant messaging is informal and efficient, in the sense that there is no specific need for writing with a decorum and replies are typically immediate (Darics, 2015). Furthermore, another function that communication platforms offer is also video calls. Discussing matters through meetings is an important aspect of worklife that allows the organic flow of ideas and feedback as well as builds a personal and trustworthy connection between colleagues which is quintessential in the workplace (Denstadli, Julsrud,& Hjorthol, 2012). Nowadays companies can spread to different cities and countries, widening the distance between the workers. Using video calls, conferences can be conducted where the same objective is reached. Ultimately, increasing the productivity of the business as there is a more immediate transmission of information despite the physical distance of the workers.

The element of interpersonal relationships is a feature of communication that has experienced improvements due to developing digital technology. Social interactions have the potential to be hyper-connected and reformed due to new emerging technologies (Brignall, 2005). Since the invention of Facebook, it catalyzed a revolution of digital communication where different social media networks are now a major source of interaction between individuals. According to researchers, the use of Facebook mediates relationship closeness and self-disclosure (Ledbetter et al., 2011). Furthermore, technology-based disclosures occur just as much and if not, more than face to face ones, yet they are just as meaningful as it fulfills the innate need of humans to interact and form connections (Clark, Algoe,& Green, 2017). This suggests that what users disclose through social media platforms simulates the same advantages that face-to-face disclosure offers.

In the aspect of medicine, the manner in which a patient’s health records are stored has changed due to the emergence of online software. Starting from the 1990s, Electronic health records (EHR) were only used in academic medical centers, however, with the increase of digital hardware such as personal computers and laptops as well as improved internet services, EHR became more widely used amongst clinicians (Evans, 2016). A digitized form of medical records, as opposed to paper records in file cabinets, allowed a more efficient way of inputting and searching for a particular patient’s medical history. This has changed the way doctors deliver treatments because important information such as allergies and drug intolerances stated are on the electronic records. (Evans. 2016) Informing doctors regarding potential complications that could arise from a particular treatment, which could avoid any further endangerment to a patient’s health.

Nevertheless, with the advancement of digital communication methods, individuals may lose their sense of face to face communication. This is a valid point as the impersonal method of communicating through a device can cause an individual’s sense of social interaction to change. However, the benefits that the changes to digital technology has offered to communication outweighs the drawbacks. 

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