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The Broken Windows and Other Theories Used for Crime Explanation

Kimmel and Aronson outline the 4 major theories of crime. They also consider the explanations of why the United States has such a high crime rate. Crime is an act that is illegal and that breaks a group norm. An example would be a homicide....

Understanding Origin and Nature of Crime Through Criminology Theories

There are many theories of criminology witch attempt to explain the origin and nature of a crime. Depending on what lens one may choose to look at crime, different thoughts propose useful ideas to the task of understanding criminal behavior. For this study, I am...

The Comparison of Classicism and Positivism in Defining Criminality

Classicism and Positivism are the two of the main theories of Criminology. This paper gives a comparative analysis of these two theories of Criminology. The comparative analysis is based on Jock Young’s article, “Thinking seriously About Crime: Some Models of Criminology”. The Young’s article gives...

Identifying the Social Conflicts Existing Within a Capitalistic Society

Social Conflicts The main focus of this paper is how class, state, and social controls within a capitalistic society lead to increased crime due to the criminal laws and criminal justice system that is forced on the lower middle class. Social conflict theory is the...

The Expansion of the Latent Trait Theory in Criminology

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The Theory on Family Influences with Crime Based on the Latent Trait Theory Throughout the lifetime of an individual, there are several factors and/or life situations such as family influence that may trigger a life of crime. This idea stems from the idea of Latent...

Hacktivism From A Criminal Justice Perspective

From trolling to activismIn 2008, the first signs of so-called ‘hacktivism’ started showing following ‘Project Chanology’, which included actions against the Scientology Church. In retaliation of the Church blocking propaganda videos Anonymous members tried to spread, Anonymous launched DDoS attacks against Scientology websites, prank-called the...

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