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Ethnographic Study Of One’s Family Origin

One may ask the question, exactly what is a family? A family is like a house, build on a strong foundation. The foundation is like the ancestors and grandparents, built to hold everything together. If the foundation breaks, then so does the family. The teachings...

Investigation of Ethnography And Its Issues

Introduction This essay provides the knowledge of ethnography & its critical issues. In upcoming lines its meaning, methods, researches and different types will come. In this essay, I will talk about the ethnography and its critical issues. Meaning of Ethnography Ethnography plays an important role...

The Connection Of Ethnicity And Sexuality

Ethnosexual frontiers is where race, ethnicity, and nationality intersect with sexuality to enforce inequality. Differences of color, culture, country, ancestry, language, and religion are the materials out of which ethnic, racial, and national identities, and boundaries built. Ethnicity and sexuality blend together to form sexualitzed...

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