Essay Samples on Microbiology

Symptoms, Treatment and Dangers of Typhoid Fever

Introduction Typhoid fever is refered one of the world’s main causes illness also death. This infectious disease is caused by Gram- negative bacteria called Salmonella. Infection with salmonella in humans can be classified into two wide kinds created by low- virulence serotypes of Salmonella enterica…

The Diagnosis and Precautions Against Chlamydia

Sexually transmitted infections or STIs are infections that people acquire while having sexual encounters with an infected partner. One of the most prevalent and curable sexually transmitted infections in the United States is chlamydia. (textbook) Chlamydia is normally spread through sexual acts. (, 2019) These…

The Most Important Discoveries in Medicine

Medicine is by far the most significant and important discovery the world has ever seen. With the introduction of medicine, almost all life forms have a better quality of life along with an extended life expectancy. Although sickness has not been cured, there have been…

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