Essay Samples on Plant

Cultural Views and Legends Surrounding Clover

Cambridge dictionary defines a clover as “a small plant with three round, green leaves that are joined together”, but in a field full of three-leaf clovers, finding a four-leaf one could have a special connotation its signifier gives us a feeling of joy and suspicion…

The Agricultural Importance of Lemon in Indonesia

For the people of Indonesia, especially the people of Aceh, there is one plant that is often planted in their home grounds, namely ‘Jeruk Nipis plant’. For the people of Aceh, the fruit is especially needed by people in the area itself which is used…

Tree Planting Impact on the Climate Change

Global climate change has been a really big topic for the entire world, since global climate change affects everyone. In my opinion, the most affected by this tragedy are forests and their ecosystem, a lot of people believe the same as I do and are…

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