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Cultural Representation Through Music in Puccini’s Madame Butterfly

In Madame Butterfly, Puccini portrays a submissive, sacrificial Oriental woman who dies for her undeserving lover. In this paper, I will discuss the cultural and gender implications in Madame Butterfly and its conceptualization of “Oriental” women, the ways Puccini incorporates the notion of orientalism into...

Concept of the Butterfly Effect: Playing with Cause-Effect Relationships

Have you ever laughed at somebody’s situation only to be struck with the thing that goes around comes around? Do you believe that whatever you do will come back to get you, such as an injustice? If you have experienced these events, you have either...

Autobiographical Novel Analysis: Butterfly by Kathleen Sullivan McDonald

After years of biding her time in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage, Bridget leaves her husband when her youngest child turns 18 and strikes out to find herself and her life’s purpose. Her lack of education and her hometown’s poor economy make it difficult for...

Asian Stereotypes in David Hwang's M. Butterfly

The play M. Butterfly explores various aspects of asian stereotypes and deals with the delusionist idea of ‘Oriental beauty’ adopted by westerners. David Hwang smoothly incorporates the Opera Madame Butterfly into the play to tell a similar yet highly contrasting story, examining numerous prejudices associated...

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