The Influence of Hindi and Bollywood Cinema

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The development of cinema in any society has a close link with the prevailing culture and traditions. The components of cinematic creations in India are based on the combination of storytelling, culture and traditions values, dances and songs, oral dialogues, and the popular musical sequences. The audience of cinema experience a unique environment of hidden feelings, facial expressions, narratives, music, and other important modes of expressions. These expressions are obvious but still made in such a way that every film or movie has a unique experience to the audience. On the other hand, if the movies are screened in a new culture then their impact changed slightly too overseas citizens of India, but really a new phenomenon for the natives of that country. Thus appear discussed the evolution and internationalization of Bollywood films. These films are popular equally in Asian and African countries. The impact of Indian movies in context of UAE culture is significant that can help the local industry to learn.

Audience of Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies are supposed to be targeted at only Indians, but since Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and some Middle Eastern understand Hindi well, so audience of these movies is diverse, In view of millions of workers in Dubai from these countries, a Bollywood movie park has been established and gained popularity yin natives as well. According to Larkin (1997), there has been an extensively growing interest in Bollywood movies around the world. The Indian Bollywood film industry is not only retracted to the Indian audience from so long since 1970s when the Indian and south Asian labor started to move for the employment to the Middle East. Bollywood movies are being formed by the new globalizing culture. This ethnography uncovers that the non-Indian audience end up increasingly devoted and friendly towards the constructing Indian cinema. The Indian movies are making an exclusiveness established by the brand rationale of transnational capital which is rethinking the importance of the majority (Larkin, 1997).

Moreover, globalization has been responsible for significant changes in the structures of media generation and reception in overseas people mindset. Indian moves putting an impact as the procedure of globalization is evolving individuals’ ”impression of existence”. The author is agreeing that globalization is expanding and broadening limits and, also at the same time reinforcing and firming existing limits of culture, principles, personality (Booth, 1995). Bollywood movies also progressively started to delineate India’s unstable relationship with the world economy through pictures of a crossover connection between the national and worldwide. Since the monetary advancement of the 1990s a consistently expanding number of Indians people have migrated or immigrated abroad, regularly to visit their abroad family; this diaspora has come to speak to a significant piece of the market for Mumbai film makers (Larkin, 1997).

Bollywood Movies Consequences in the Emirates

There are a number of consequences of the Bollywood movies on the Emirate culture. The UAE is one of the greatest abroad markets for Bollywood separated from the UK and USA and its intrigue reaches out to TV. It is humorous to surf through Bollywood movies with a large group of Indian films translated in Arabic. There is an enormous market of Arabic-speaking Bollywood fans and it is apparent by their gigantic nearness in film theaters playing Hindi blockbusters (Ciolfi, 2012).

Striking by its energy and sensational plots, Bollywood films have pulled almost three generations of UAE and the Middle East. There is a huge impact of Indian movies has and keeps on having on UAE culture. Emirati culture has crossed the negligible feelings and emotions enthused by subjects of star-crossed lovers and angry parents, love triangles, family ties and values, sacrifice, corrupt political cultures, tragically deceased of family members and siblings separations by destiny and fortuitous events (Larkin, 1997).

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Nowadays, many Emirati families are practicing Henna parties, festival nights and other wedding functions before wedding as an Indian-themed. There celebrations are marked by ladies wearing the Indian dress, serving the Indian traditional sweets and wearing heavy gold jewelry and gems. In some cases female visitors even wear sari, the traditional Indian dress.

Presently, India is one the fastest developing countries as far as innovation, technology and business. However, the concept imperialism has without a doubt left its foot print as financial troubles and profound social partitions (Larkin, 1997). Though one of the most universal influences of imperialism stays unpretentious and covered by state limits, is the culture cinema. The Bollywood industry is referred to far and wide as the biggest film industry globally, thus far is constantly criticized for its preposterous impacts on culture, values, the mind sets of the people, tasteless and monotonous plotlines. However, as analysis against Bollywood grows, an entirely different side of Indian film stays unfamiliar.

Along with unmistakable, disastrous impacts, imperialism left behind the universal fresh believed that developed in the intellects of any influenced by it, with fabulousness, excellence, and advancement. In the light of these topics, a recently liberated India set out to imitate the nation that once heartlessly mistreated it. The impacts of western materialism turned out to be clear, in urban advancement as well as in film.

Globalization of the Bollywood Movies

According to the media studies, in sociology Goes to the Movies, utilizes globalization widely and portrays ‘the social procedures of globalization. The extension of capital and private enterprise, the pressure of reality, expanded social commodification, the collaborations between the nearby and the worldwide, all inexorably happening in and characteristic of the late current time (Ciolfi, 2012). Bollywood movies entered in Nigeria and other countries such as South Africa as well. A large market of these movies exists in Canada and America due to non-residents Indians and other Asians. The people are globally associated with Hindi film, and Bollywood, regardless of the impact of regularly tuned and straight forward Hollywood movies, has kept up that novel film structure. Therefore, UAE is not the first international destination for Indian film industry, but one of the most prominent ones outside India.


In conclusion, Bollywood film industry is the largest around the world and now entered in nearly every country. In UAE, Bollywood films have a large audience of overseas workers and local Arabs. The music, narratives, situations, and drama are strongest parts of Indian movies India use in these movies to spread their culture to the world. The local UAE culture will get affected since the local film industry is struggling as compared to the established Bollywood industry.

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