Traditions Regarding Indian Culture And Food Preparation

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By outlining purposes or stating the nature of the present research , culture is a set of values, beliefs, rules, and institutions held by a specific group of people.Nation states support and promote the concept of national culture.India as a nation states country support the Cholesteroil Plantation Sdn Bhd in Malaysia which produce Palm Cooking Oil.In India palm cooking oil is the product that demanded the most.An effective report which is New Straits Time presents an evidence to the statement are “The imports will rise as edible oil consumption is estimated to grow to a record 23.6 million tonnes.Palm cooking oil accounts for nearly two-thirds of India’s total edible oil imports.India buys palm cooking oil from Indonesia and Malaysia”.One of the most important things that will affect the flavour of Indian foods are the cooking oils that there use.The most common cooking oil in Indian’s food are palm cooking oil and ghee.Yes, the demand is available since the palm cooking oil become as a daily needs for people in India.According to the news from the The Star Online “ India's palm oil imports in 2019/20 are likely to rise 2% from a year earlier to a record high as consumption in the world's biggest edible oil buyer will expand more rapidly than local supplies, a leading industry analyst said on Wednesday.Higher imports may help support benchmark Malaysian palm oil prices that in July hit their lowest level in nearly four years and are struggling to recover due to weak export demand.” which is clearly shows that palm cooking oil become a important asset in India.

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Palm cooking oil extracted from palm.This cooking oil have been a part of human culture in India.Using cooking oil for cooking meals is their tradition.This tradition followed by their ancestor.Traditional Indian cooking oils, such a ghee, coconut oil and palm cooking oil recommended by grandmothers are healthier than the modern day refined or olive oils.Palm cooking oil form an integral part of Indian diet.“In Indian cooking conditions, which mostly involve deep frying, our age-old oils like ghee, coconut and mustard oils score better than refined and other oils in health benefits,' said Dr SC Manchanda, Department of Cardiology, Ganga Ram Hospital.

In Indian’s culture using cooking oil can categories in customs which is define as Habits or ways of behaving in specific circumstances that are passed down through generations in a culture.Eating habits of the Indian culture are based on culinary traditions. Most dishes feature meat or vegetables cooked by using palm cooking oil.Since many Indians are vegetarian, the menu for everyday meals is based mostly upon a diet without meat. When meat is incorporated in dishes, it is most commonly in the form of chicken or lamb, and sometimes seafood, such as prawns.Indian mostly like to eat frying food which is make them feel more healthy.It is a habit and a behaviour of indians not only in India but in the whole world.Cutlery is not traditionally used to eat food in the Indian culture. Food is meant to be a whole sensory experience, so an eating habit in the traditional Indian culture is to consume Indian foods such as curry, rice naan bread, pickels and “murukku” by picking it up using the hands. “Murukku” is a traditional food of indians which we used to fry it using plenty of cooking oil.But the way they were processed in earlier times was much healthier than they are processed today.It’s cannot been bake or steam.Therefore,Indians fried it and served it to people.The Indian curry, if we cooked with the right ingredients and proper amounts of oil,is good for immunity. Pickels,when made with the right quality of salt and oil,it is one of the best probiotic foods that you can have.This is culture of indians which there used to do and the reason of using the cooking oil.

In ancient times, ghee was an oil used by Indians for cooking. This was their culture. In this modern times the culture has changed to palm cooking oil.Palm cooking oil is a rich source of antioxidants, and Vitamin E. It is a good ingredient for the cancer patients, and also for those suffering from Alzheimer's, arthritis, atherosclerosis and anti-aging.This is the main reason why the palm cooking oil demanded the most in India. 

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