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The Case Of Communication Error In Healthcare

INTRODUCTION Communication is the process of sharing information, opinions, or facts by speech or writing from one person to another. Good communication can reduce anxiety and build confidence, an effective exchange between people helps them see what the other person thinks and feels, and forms...

Maintaining Trust: Importance of Telling the Truth

Have you ever wondered if lying is right or wrong? Have you ever lied and been tricked into telling the truth? Most people have been tricked by pretty much everyone. Lying according to research is always wrong. Most people feel guilty about lying and almost...

The Selected Need for Uniqueness Dimensions

A cellular communication system is essentially designed to bring common voice between two individuals, sending text messaging and executing primary functions, though cell phone had gone through sever transformations, making its functionalities growing fantastically towards time resulted from the altering needs of mobile cell phone...

Advocacy and Inquiry Model as A Communication Tool

Advocacy and inquiry model is a tool of communication which includes different skills; “listen to understand, suspend judgment, respect all and speak your voice.” It facilitates the conversation and task to move forward. Advocacy means to be a voice of someone which helps to provide...

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