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Challenges Of Being A First Generation College Student

“First-generation students often grapple not only with self-doubt and a lack of academic advice from family members, but also with work-related responsibilities, inadequate writing skills, and other and intellectual challenges.” (Sanacore) A First-generation student is a student whose parents have not gotten a degree in...

The Experience Of Anxiety In The College Students

The topic of anxiety is very prevalent in current day society. The APA (American Psychiatric association) ran a survey on 1,000 U.S adults about their levels of anxiety and the root cauase of it with 18 percent of Americans being affected and almost 40 percent...

Hazing Needs To Be Extinguished

Hazing is something that happens frequently in college to initiate or create trust between new members and the senior members of a team. Hazing is something that needs to be extinguished and can be prevented with the right leadership. According to MacIntosh, hazing is defined...

Higher Standards for Student Athletes

Sports have been around for years. In 1636, lacrosse became the first sport in America. Later on in 1837, education came along which led to high school and college and of coulp[rse sports got bigger as time went on which led us to student-athletes. In...

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