College Education: Is The Cost Of The College Too High

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There is a problem with the cost of upper-level education in today's society. The main contributor to this problem is the unreasonable price of college-level education. This issue does not just relate to big four year universities but also community colleges, graduate school, and medical school. All college-level education is too expensive for your average middle class and poor families.

It is common knowledge that college-level education is expensive. With this in mind, there are three options for paying the high price of college education. The first option is a scholarship. A scholarship is an opportunity for many people to be able to go to college for virtually free if you get a full ride. The second option is being able to pay all of their tuition without any help. In today’s society, you rarely see anyone able to pay for his or her college without help. However, back in the middle of the twentieth century, this was this best option for most people. Since that time the price of a college education has skyrocketed to an absurd amount. As a result, students have to take out student loans for college tuition, fees, and supplies such as books. Student loans seem to be a nice way to pay for college. However, taking out student loans can have detrimental effects later down the road if you do not know what you are getting yourself into. All students are trying to succeed in life and have high hopes for their future. With this in mind, it is not hard to imagine what a student is thinking when they take out student loans. They think that after college and the thousands of dollars they have been loaned they will be able to pay themselves out of debt with the high paying job they worked so hard for. Instead, most students will have to face this harsh reality of not being able to pay the debt, except the few who are able to obtain employment straight out of college. Everyone knows someone that's still paying off their student loans. Being a young adult straight out of college can be a very trying time. This is especially apparent when these young adults looking for the job of their dreams have to worry about paying off their debt. 

Most people at this time of their lives can not pay off the debt when they need to. The problem with this is if you can not pay your debts on a monthly basis your credit gets ruined. Having this happen to you would be awful because you can not buy a house or a car. This ends up becoming a snowball effect that ends up putting you further and further away from your dreams.

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Colleges today seem to have such a high influx of money coming in and out their institutes. What you have to consider is why does upper-level education cost so much. Well, one of the reasons college cost so much is that college funds are directed to non-academic purposes. A student does not need a water fountain on the campus to be able to study for their next exam. You could say that having a nice looking university could attract more students and ultimately bring in more money for academics. However, this does not constitute as a reason to raise tuition for upper-level education students. Tuition keeps on getting higher and higher every year with what seems like there is no end in sight. No matter what time or when you go to a university you will always see construction and or something being built without fail. This is not just by chance either, the amount of construction you see almost directly correlates to the amount tuition rises. Colleges are legally required to release their expense reports. With this in mind, if you cut out all of the construction and unnecessary administrators to have a nice 1:10 teacher to student ratio. The result would be that tuition goes down a staggering amount. Granted this is for a smaller college of two thousand eight hundred and seventy-two students but, tuition would lower from fifty thousand to a mere fourteen thousand and five hundred for a students tuition. These unnecessary reasons for tuition becoming more and more expensive end up adding up to a point where it is almost impossible to pay a college tuition. The scary part is that the price of college is only going to get worse as the years go on. With this said, the current situation college-level students are in is not irreversible by any stretch of the imagination.

The big question is that, how does college tuition rising to affect the overall economy in today's society. Well, there are no clear-cut answers to this question. It seems like the economist are split down the middle in terms of agreeing with the argument that college tuition should be lowered or to keep on the rate it is going right now. 

First off we have to consider the side of the argument that the high tuition in today's society is ruining the united state's economics. College tuition costs a lot of money, this is well known throughout different sources of media. There is a quote that backs up the argument of college tuition costing too much ”Experts worry that the high cost of college makes it less likely that good students from poor families will attend college. This means fewer scientists, engineers and others who could help increase economic growth.”. This quote from an article brings up a very good point, the fewer people that go college will ultimately diminish the united states amount of engineers and scientist. Without these people in our day to day life, there will be serious consequences for our nation’s economy. 

On the other hand, some economist believes it is a good thing for college tuition to have such a high cost. These economist base this idea to go against people that think college should be free. 

College is a stepping stone for your future not a second high school you do not have to go to. That is the thing about it college is not something you have to go to in order to succeed in life. Sure college helps your chances of being successful but it is not required. Therefore college should not be free because that would truly hurt the economy, but on the other hand, college tuition should not cost as much as it does now. 

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