Essay Samples on Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking and Society Exercise

We form thoughts through the use of free will, truth, knowledge and opinion by the choices we make and believe is true from the knowledge of experience supported by the facts of opinions. Thoughts form by free will from the many and alternative choices developed…

What I Find So Engrossing About Law

I would like to learn about the workings of common law, as unlike civil law that is constantly updating, common law uses a history of judicial decisions to assess future cases, which I witnessed during my visit to the Newcastle courtrooms over the summer. The…

Visual Stimuli And Divergent Thinking In The Mixing Process

Introduction Mixing is an expertly intuitive practice – that activates neural responses that transmit multimodal perceptions, especially audio-visual perception – whereby a mixing engineer is tasked to solve technical disparities surrounding an input signals frequency response, amplitude and spatial image, as well as make creative…

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