Creative and Critical Thinking: Combining the Achievements of Thought

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Creative, one word that can be interpreted in many ways whether in thoughts which is include ways of thinking and actions and also in verbal form. Critical, on the other side refers to the ability to analyse information objectively and make a reasoned judgment. It involves the evaluation of sources such as data, facts, observable phenomena, and research findings. How about critical and creative thinking works together? Through my thoughts in this essay, creative and critical thinking are both achievement of thought. Creativity is more to a process in producing, and critical is a process of accessing or judging. The quality of thinking is not the same. Individuals often have trouble in purposeful thinking especially when it requires posing problems. Such thinking requires both critical and creative thinking. Both are closely related to figuring things out.

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Usually, a person who can do both critical and creative thinking is a person who have an amazing leadership. It is because a leader is the one who motivate people and adore by people who works with them. Creative is something that cannot be learn. It is something that pop out from our head in describing things or based on our curiosity. By curiosity, we are actually training and boosting our neuron to produce some good ideas as well as everybody. I experienced it myself when I was in matriculation, when it comes to contribute ideas for dinner or hosting an event, everyone including myself, providing an amazing idea such as making an advertisement to attract people for coming, thinking about the themes, decorations, even by making logos, designing patterns for block shirts and the likes. Indirectly I got to let out my creative side of my mind in participating in this kind of activities. Me and my friends got to make a crazy design or ideas and at the same time we were able to release stress.

Critical and creative thinking also plays important role when it comes to sports. I experienced it myself when I participated in every volleyball game where me and my team need to receive the ball and at the same time, we had to find a blank space among the other team. Indirectly, we actually did the creative thinking where we have to receive the ball that came fast from opponents and pass the ball among teammates, and critical thinking took part when we have to find and decide the blank spot quickly. Involve in sports, really help us in developing ideas effectively.

With our creative and critical thinking, we were able to achieve Independence Day with only negotiation without bloodshed. Creative thinking is also proven when it comes to the findings of artifact material that our great ancestors had created. The artifact materials are then been upgraded into something sophisticated and really useful until now. A first responder coming upon the scene of an accident and quickly analysing the situation, evaluating priorities, and inferring what actions to take in what order is one of the examples of critical thinking.

In conclusion, creative and critical thinking are both crucial skills that can contribute to personal, academic, and professional success. By fostering creativity and encouraging critical analysis, individuals can learn to approach problems from multiple perspectives and come up with effective solutions. Furthermore, combining creative and critical thinking can lead to innovative ideas and breakthroughs in various fields. Therefore, it is essential to continue developing these skills through education, practice, and exposure to diverse experiences and viewpoints. I believe that by doing so, we can become more adaptable, thoughtful, and successful individuals in an ever-changing world.

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