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General Concept of Hate Speech Online

The online hate speech is a branch of the more general concept of hate speech, and because of its rapid and constant development, it is extremely difficult to keep it under control. The double-edged weapon of online communication is the incredible ease with which one...

The Relationship Between Language, Memory And Thought

Introduction Language and memory have historically been studied apart as unique cognitive abilities. However, new evidence suggests that these two cognitive abilities are more intertwined than believed. The research done is based upon Barlett’s schema theory, which suggests that memories can be influenced by the...

Human's Capability of Rational Thought

Discussing the works of Tversky and Kahneman; Stanovich, 2009, stated that “being rational means acting to achieve one’s own life goals using the best means possible”. A long history of research has looked into the mystery of rational human thought and decision making – Tverky...

How Having a Hateful Mindset Can Be Unhealthy For You

In our everyday lives, we have many emotions to choose from to react to situations, but when hate and negativity is used constantly as a mindset, it can become unhealthy for you. Having a hateful mindset can eventually harm you or others around you and...

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