Essay Samples on Bias

Gender Bias as a Tool to Victimize Women

The notion of equality is considered as an inseparable human right which should not be discriminated by religion, gender, race, and ethnicity. Following Burton’s Legal Thesaurus (2007), Gender bias means unequal treatment in job opportunities (such as promotion, pay, advantages, and privileges) and expectations based…

Uncounscious Essentialism Bias as a Tool for Shaping Society

Essentialism is the idea that every being has a true nature or an inner condition that explains the similarities each member of a category has; this “essence” cannot be seen and it is completely unknown, but it grants and constitutes the basis for the identity…

The Problem of Current Newspaper Reporting

In this modern age, a change in newspaper reporting is needed. Why? Imagine a world where newspapers are allowed to report whatever they wanted. Imagine a reporter following your every step while creating absurd headlines, exaggerating the real truth of what you’re actually doing. One…

Gender Bias In The Technology Industry

There is no denying that gender bias is a realistic problem in the society. Women from all walks of life, especially in some traditionally male-dominated field, like tech industry, are under greater pressure, taking more criticism, and even suffering unfair treatment because women are labeled…

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