Essay Samples on Childhood

The Freeing Failure of My First Swimming Experience

My childhood was a fundamental and paramount part of my life, I got through many strenuous and challenging moments. I wasn’t the girl that frequently got into trouble; in contrast, I was very bashful, secluded, and typically introverted person. In the middle of summer, my…

Building Child's Resilience in The Glass Castle

Jeanette Walls’ memoir, The Glass Castle, recounts the unconventional historical events of Jeanette’s unusual childhood marked by tenacious poverty and a chaotic lifestyle embodied at the hands of her dysfunctional parents and their errant manner of living. An exceptional attention of Jeanette’s story arises as…

Certain Experiences From Our Childhood

A child’s behavior is shaped by their genes and environment. This is where the child is affected both by nature and nurture. Nature affects children because of environment. Nurture affects children from multiple things. For example, home, community, beliefs, and our values. Because children are…

Perspectives On Childhood In The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle has been a controversial topic of discussion since publication in 2005. The memoir is a reflection of the author’s childhood, wherein Jeannette Walls and her three siblings are forced to become independent while their erratic, maverick parents toggle between acting as inspiration…

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