Essay Samples on Human Behavior

Optimism as a Tool to Make Valuable Decisions

Optimism can be considered a dimension of personality leading an individual to expect positive events concerning his or her future. Firstly, this essay tries to describe optimism and its characteristics; secondly, it focuses on some of the most interesting studies that highlight the positive consequences…

Effect of Comparison Standard on One's Optimism Bias

In our daily life, we constantly evaluate the likelihood of possible future events in order to take decisions under uncertainty. However, we do not process the obtainable evidence in an objective and strictly realistic manner. Indeed, our reasoning is inherently subjective and contains systematic biases….

Propagand and Lie in Modern Cartography

How Maps Lie Maps are utilized daily in most areas of people’s lives and as the technology and equipment to gather the geospatial data develops; there are more variety of maps created and designed to fulfil different purposes and needs of the user/viewer. With the…

Positive and Negative Effects of Procrastination

Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain time; an intentional delay of starting or finishing the assignment despite knowing it might have negative consequences in the future. Most students have procrastinated at some point, doing more…

Perfectionism as a Cause of Procrastination

Procrastination is described as a non-rational tendency to delay tasks that must be finished (Lay, 1986). Everyone puts things off sometimes, but procrastinators keep avoiding continuously and keep searching for distractions. We all make similar situations every now and then. Like that time when you…

Procrastination: Types and Ways to Eliminate

Have you ever put off an important project or task until the very last minute? If this sounds like something your familiar with then you may be suffering from chronic procrastination. According to Dr. John Riddle, an author of several books whose byline has appeared…

Detection And Investigation Of Extreme Introvertedness

There are numerous difficulties to considering extreme introverted amid outset. To start with, there is no natural marker or restorative test. Along these lines, the finding depends on conduct perception and parental report data. Second, the DSM analytic criteria for a mental imbalance were not…

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