Discipline Report, Its Importance And Essential Elements

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The purpose of a discipline report is to document any disciplinary actions. The proper compilation of the disciplinary report is the most important part of the disciplinary process. A good report improves the credibility of the reporting staff member, promotes uniformity and eliminates confusion. This is important, especially in prisons, as the job can be dangerous without proper documentation.

There are many elements of good report writing, and many essential elements of the disciplinary report. The basic elements, as always should be included, namely, the five w’s and one h.

The first thing that should be mentioned is the initial time and date of the incident. From there, to ensure chronological order, the order of occurrence should be documented. As always, be clear, concise and detailed in your report writing. List all persons present during the incident and state who was notified, especially when your supervisor was notified. If an outside agency was notified, note the times and the names of the individuals contacted. Reference any supplemental records using the number of any additional reports from staff concerning the incident.

Document any physical evidence and if an item is turned over to a law enforcement agency list the case number and the name of the officer who took possession of the item, as well as the date and time the officer took possession. Describe the use of any restraints or medical equipment, including the time applied, time checked, time removed, and officers involved. Document any medical attention following any altercation involving an inmate or staff member.

After an altercation medical attention must be offered and the offer should be documented in the report. Quoting the inmate is important if the charge may include insolence, threats or refusing direct orders. Anything in quotations should be the inmate’s exact words. The report should be factual and there should be facts included in the report to support the violation that has occurred. However, do not state any specific charge, and instead include as the last sentence “this report is being referred to the shift supervisor for possible disciplinary charges. ” Finally, be sure to have someone else proofread your report for any mistakes.

The disciplinary report is the basis for any disciplinary action in prisons and should be as factual and accurate as possible to ensure that inmates are not over or under punished. The corrections officer who writes the easiest to use reports are looked highly upon, so it is worth it to improve report writing skills.

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