Essay Samples on Being Yourself

How to Define Yourself by Chuck Clifton Book Analysis

Who are you? How do you define yourself? These are the questions How to Define Yourself answers using the Stimulus-Space of Time-Response model. Throughout the book, we learn to become better versions of ourselves by Predefining ourselves and carrying out these definitions to Define yourself…

Everyone is More than Their Imprefections

It is revealed that 70% of people suffer from a sense of inadequacy. Some would call it an imposter syndrome where we struggle with our work. Have you ever asked yourself that question, ‘Am I good enough?’ or ‘Am I pretty enough?’, ‘Am I smart…

How Self-Acceptance Helped Me to Improve My Life

I believe in happiness and positivity can make life better. What I think the meaning of happiness is when I know that my life is complete and makes me smile every day. What I think the meaning of positivity is when I know having a…

Shel Silverstein a Great Example of Being Yourself

Playboy cartoonist, author of erotic plays and books, singer, songwriter, poet, screenwriter, recipient of two Grammy Awards, and a Golden Globe. Who, one may ask? None other than Shel Silverstein. Yes, Shel Silverstein, bestselling author of a multitude of books including Where The Sidewalk Ends,…

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