Inspirational Story Of A Brave Women That Knows Her Worth

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Be a woman that is courageous enough to walk away from things that don’t make her happy

A lot of people find it very difficult to walk away from relationships, people, friends that don’t make them happy. They prefer to endure all the pain and suffering rather than walking away. Be that brave woman who walks away from people that bring them pain.

That woman who knows her worth and is not ready to loose her intergrity all in the name of endurance. There are people in your life you must let go. No matter how painful and difficult it may be. We must be able to recognize such people and bid them farewell. It is quite unfortunate that some people come into our lives with an expiration date. We must learn to let go of toxic relationships, people who don’t add any value to our lives but rather cause us pain. We must learn to let them go.

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Be that woman who is brave enough to walk away from a man who doesn’t value her. Yes you might be madly in love with this man. The question is does he love you back? Does he treat you like a queen? You can tell if a man loves you from his actions. If he keeps telling you that he loves you but you just can’t see it from the way he treats you, then its time to say goodbye. Yes you love him with all of your heart, you cherish him, but you can’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t know your worth. Someone who doesn’t know your value will never treat you right. He will keep treating you like trash no matter how caring and submissive you are to him.

A lady confided in me about the ugly experience she had with her ex husband. When I listened to her story I shed tears. This lady suffered from physical abuse. She was constantly abused by this man. She said being an orphan was the worse thing that ever happened to her. She had no one to take care of her. The only person she could look up to was her maternal aunt who instead made life a living hell for her. Her aunt refused to sponsor her education even though she was financially stable. She was forced into an early marriage at the age of 16 against her wish. This man was the devil incarnate. This man practically served her beatings as breakfast, lunch and super. There was nothing she did that could please this man. He derived pleasure in physically abusing her. Even when she was pregnant the man still continued beating her. He never gave her any financial assistance to take care of herself. She finally had a miscarriage due to the frequent beating she received form him. She did odd jobs and saved some money.

She had made up her mind to leave her husband. “If I had remained with that man he would have killed me”, she said. Not knowing her destination, nor how she was going to cope she left to another city. She hussled on the streets, did odd jobs to survive until God sent her an angel. She met this man who picked her from the streets and cleaned her up. He saw her through school and she became a successful lawyer. This man loves and adores her. He knows her worth.

This story touched me. She was strong enough to walk away from that pain, the abuse and suffering. She was able to surmon courage and leave the people who were underserving of her. Learn to walk away from all the toxic people in your life. Do not allow any to treat you as a lesser human being. Never let people treat you poorly because of the situation you find yourself. Stand up for yourself. Never allow any situation to weigh you down. Shedding tears and giving up on yourself will not solve the problem. Just be strong and courageous. Just believe in yourself even when you have no reason to believe.

Be that woman who knows what she deserves and won’t settle for less. That woman who will not allow herself to be treated poorly just because she is afraid of loosing people. That woman who is ready to disconnect from people who keep hurting her.

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