Bad Behaviour in Workplace and Solution of Its Reducing

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In this essay I am going discuss about why a person may engage in bad behaviour at work and what organisations can do to manage bad behaviour. There are many ways where employee behaves badly in workplace. Bad behaviour could be caused by stress level, personal life problem or could be bad management therefore these can cause bad behaviour at work. There are many behaviours could be classed as bad behaviour such as being late to work, extra time for lunch, not meeting deadlines, not prepared for work, being impolite to other colleagues and being sexism. Lack of interest and passion could be one the main reason could cause bad behaviour.

A person who has no interest in their job role therefore he will not have any passion to develop or concentrate in work and lack of concentrate can cause bad behaviour which mean he is not enjoying what he is doing so he could look for an excuse to get away from the work. Employees are not having motivation for work can be a issue to develop in the work or solve the problem within the work. Lack of motivation can affect their attendance because there is no motivation to go to work.

Going late and taking extra time for lunch at work, it is classed as bad behaviour because being late to work or meeting can affect the work load. sexist at work is so bad behaviour so for example you have to employees male and female and they're both done similar Project but you criticize female for her work which is classed as bad behaviour because your sexist is toward her. and also you saying jokes that is offending women's in office could be seen as bad behaviour is well. also they could be a sexist on social media sending all sharing a jokes that is offending female which could be classed as bad behaviour for the office environment. 

For example an employee is been working for more than 10 years and there is no such as development plan for him or progress next step. or promotion in last 10 years this caused a massive bad behaviour for employee because employer does not look after his employee or does not have a structure of plan to show they have promotion or development plan. so that can easily lead to demotivating and not passionate about what they doing.

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Another example of bad behaviour from employer is understanding so for example an employer does not understand what they employ wants so for example if employee he or she needs a bit of late start because they need to drop the kids in morning but employer does not allow he or she to do that so cause bad behaviour because they have to think or arrange drop-off in the morning for the kids.

Another example of causing bad behaviour in office environments example you have signed employee for technician work but you make them end up doing the admin work. which is not with it in contract and you making him or her do more work than they signed up for a different project from what they signed up for. That can easily cause bad behaviour so there should be a clear understanding between the employer or the employees what they do mine is and how they should be and what their requirement is. and also if someone put extra hours or extra times that should be recognisable from the employer which will make that employ you feel appreciated and I can helps settle down and create good understanding between them.

Using phone whilst working is a bad behaviour as you are not concentrating on your work, this can lead to making mistakes such as if you are dealing with a customer and you are not paying attention, the customer would find it rude and end up not buying anything therefore you lose the customers and this is the loss for the boss. phone is a distraction therefore you should switched your off and keep it in your bag as you are allowed to use your phone at lunch time and break time and that’s the only time you can use. For example, if anything happens emergency then the organisation can let the employees use the work telephone, the employees can give their work telephone number to their family, doctors and friends.

In my argument I would say, yes I understand people miss behave at work place because they don’t have motivation to work but however they should not apply for the job they are not interested in because they know, if they get the job they don’t like then they will get bored and that’s how they will end have up miss behaving.

In conclusion I would state regardless of whether individual’s work, where they don’t like to be working, they should still behave in respectful manner as you choose to work where you are working also it is not boss’s fault if your not interest to do that work, the boss is paying the money you deserve therefore you should do the work properly and keep the boss happy and this way you will get promoted in a higher position but if you miss behave, you are most likely to be sacked which is not good for your career. 

It is okay sometimes people are not motivated or enjoying work as much as they should be so therefore as a team leader or the head of department, they should step up their game other than making more pressure rise the work, they could make is friendlier on example to make the environments friendly it could have share lunch so everybody brings food and share lunch to create a friendly environment and also create a strong bond between the teams that will make them feel comfortable where they are working and they will feel more relax because they will have better understanding   

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