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Why I Like Being A Helpful Person

Helping others whether it be classmates or friends and family is one of the things I enjoy most. Like the first humans on earth, most of the skills they've acquired most likely did not come to them alone. They thrived through the basic need of...

Why Helping the Community Brings Me Joy

More than the joy of winning first place, the happiness of having to help someone lasts so much longer. Happiness is an emotion of one feeling joy at doing something they love, enjoy, or simply just helping someone and feeling proud, that moment is happiness....

The Definition Person of Substance

We may be considered a fully-grown adult today. However, we are still in the process of learning how to navigate the world and interact with the places and people within it. And during this interaction we meet with all kinds of people. There are some...

A Job of a Firefighter: Main Characteristics and Challenges

Firefighters play a big role in responding during an emergency and they must be prepared to handle any type of incident they get dispatched for. They are trained to handle tasks that may have themselves in danger and to reduce the risk they must utilize...

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