The Possible Ways of Reducing Workplace Violence

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Firstly, employers must intensified security actions because it is the ultimate aspect to taken care of whether it comes from the workers or outsiders. For instance, install alarm system and video surveillance, install proper lighting and camera surveillance at parking lot and office building, setup key-card access systems at main entrances so the system could manage all entries. On top of that, avoid handling too many cash by keeping minimum amount of cash in hand, increase the number staff of duty, enforce staff to wear identify badges and management shall consider to issue a weapons policy.

Secondly, employers may conduct pre-employment screenings of job applicants. This approach can be done during hiring process where HR manager can do background checking of the candidates. HR manager could ask few questions that relates to violence at work and what make them frustrated with the previous employer. Besides that, employer can also do criminal history screening, drug and alcohol testing or as part of the job hiring process, the HR manager could ask for consent to contact their previous supervisors.

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Thirdly, employers could train the supervisors to monitor any potential violence that will happen at workplace. Employers shall have a proper plan for the supervisors work with them on how to mitigate any issue and identify any sign. The supervisors can recognize any warning signs that could lead to violence such as excessive absentness and lateness, the staff refuse to admit problem relates to his/her job performance, disrespect or ignore instruction from management/authority, tendency to create chaos, behaving aggressive and the employees isolates himself from socializing with colleague. As a precaution action, the management must monitor and take a serious action to the potential violent employee.

Fourth, the management must have an appropriate procedure to terminate a high-risk employee. Before firing the staff, the management must plan ahead the progress of firing. A meeting on termination shall be conducted in a neutral environment so that the staff would not feel attacked. The management must explain in details the reason you let go him/her and ready with the final paycheck, data on his/her benefit and a number to contact in case he/she needs to know extra information. Furthermore, keep the termination meeting simple and straight to the point. For security purpose, the employer might be ready with the security enforcement personnel outside the meeting room.

Fifth, educate employees to be aware of risks and to prevent cases before it happen. A workshop on the risks and potential violence at work must be given so as to create awareness among employees. Employer must encourage employees to report all incidents and threats of workplace violence this is including unethical behavior, discrimination and harassment. This preventive measure could help to minimize violence at workplace. The employer must not disclose identity of the informer in order to avoid any harm to him/her. By exercising this practice, the violence could be reduced as it portrays a good ethic is being applied in that organization.

Last but not least, employers must be able to monitor and manage violence against women at workplace. A concrete security improvement including camera surveillance, good lighting, giving awareness on empowerment women at workplace, provide channels for the women workers to report any triggering events or harm happened to her and employee assistance programs.

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