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Analysis of Zara: Current Business Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them

Zara is one of the largest and successful Spanish clothing and accessories retail brands. Zara specializes in men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing as well as accessories. It became popular for producing medium quality fashion clothing at affordable prices. The first Zara store was opened in...

The Case Study of Zara's Business Model and Strategy

Every company wants a sustainable competitive advantage and Zara the “flagship chain of Inditex Group” one of the world’s largest fashion retailers is no different (Correa, 2010). In our BUS 5114 MIS and Technology, week one discussion the class shared information about Zara’s success. The...

Analysis of the Employee Management and Working Morale in Zara Fashion Company

Zara is currently one of the biggest international fashion companies, specializing in the, so called, fast fashion, they are a part of the Inditex Group and are the largest apparel retailers in the world. Founded in 1975 by Amanico Ortega and Rosalia Mera, this multinational...

Marketing strategy of ZARA and Its 9P’S

Zara is most popular Spanish attire brand that uses a savvy advertising methodology to accomplish its business objectives. Subsequently, Zara is known as Spain's best-realized style brand. The organization was begun by Amancio Ortea Gaona in 1963. after 50 years, it has turned into world's...

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