Babies Behavior Through Leonard And Greenfieldboyce'S Articles

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 In the two texts 'Babies can learnd the value of persistence by watching grown ups sitck wish a challenge' (Julia Leonard) and ' Toddlers like winners, but how they win matters' (Nell Greenfieldboyce) In both of these articles the scientist, both expermeted on toddlers/babies to see how they learn and the compare it to how adults are.

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For example, In the second article Greenfield the autor states 'That’s a totally unique finding in the literature and, I think, is really compelling to how similar it is to what adults do — how much we tend to like celebrities and rich people and those who are granted status for various reasons,' says Hamlin' The scientist (Hamlin) says that babies are simller to adults, he is saying that babies look up to a person who has a high social status which is what a lot of teenagers and adults do but babies/ toddlers can find out the social status of someone by just observing while adults and teenagers need to reserch who that person is . Another example is ' We all know that infants are keen observers of the social world. 

But they’re not just idly watching; infants are tiny learning machines.' In this article Leonard is stating that babies are always learning no matter what they are always learning so when they see somone who never gives up they learn that persistance is a good trait because it'll get them to their goal. With these two articles both autors are showing that babies/toddlers learn from observing things around them like adults do.

Secondly, another reason why babies are constatly learning is when Leonard states ' babies who had seen an adult persist and succeed pushed the button about twice as many times as those who saw an adult effortlessly succeed. In other words, babies learned that effort was valuable after watching just two examples of an adult working hard and succeeding ' when she states this she is saying that babies learn from watching so if a baby watches a bad example someone who is lazy the can become lazy themselves . Another example is when Leonard also states 'next time you struggle to open that tomato container, it’s OK, maybe even beneficial, to let your child see you sweat.' The author is saying that kids learn the benfit of trying over and over to get to a goal'

In conclusion, it is beneficial to have a child see a person struggle and for them not to giveup until they reach their goal because the baby/toddler will learn theat giving up wont let them reach their goal.  

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