The Secret Behind Dark Psychology and Its Methods

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What is the dark psychology's secret? Indeed knowledge is power. To understand what the dark psychology secret is, we must first understand the basics like what psychology is. Psychology can be defined as the study of how the human mind works. Psychology can be found everywhere from advertising, relations, love and hate. A person who has hacked the psychological principles has the key to human influence. It can be hard to be able to acquire psychological knowledge just like all human kind’s most advanced secrets. Psychological secrets are buried deep and hidden from others. To be able to acquire psychological secrets would mean one has to go in search for this knowledge in countless of books. Dark psychology secret are these principles and tactics used by powerful influencers.

Why Do We Need to Understand Dark Psychology

Dark psychology is at work in the world and therefore it cannot be ignored. You have the power to decide whether to ignore the powerful secret of dark psychology and become a victim of it or to understand this secret and protect yourself from becoming a victim and those around you that you care about. Dark psychology and the principles and ideas surrounding it can be used to help you in your professional path. Of course this is not to encourage you to be a psychopath but anyone could use a little boost in day to day Dark Persuasion versus Covert Emotional Manipulation The difference between dark persuasion and covert emotional manipulation can be seen in the definition of both. Covert emotional manipulation is the process where one person tries to influence the decisions and feelings of another in a manner that is hidden or goes undetected. Basically covert involves the hidden or masking of the true intentions of the manipulator. The manipulator focuses on the emotional side of the subject because they know that a person’s emotions are key aspects of their personality. Dark persuasion can be described as an attempt to influence a person using dark psychology tactics. Dark persuasion can also be defined as the process involving making people do things against their own self interest. Dark persuasion lacks morals and the motive is instead immoral.

While covert manipulation focuses on an individual in order to achieve the ultimate goal, persuasion can indeed be used on one person but it can also be used in larger groups to influence a whole group or sometimes a society to influence their thinking. This shows how scary and dangerous dark persuasion can be because it can be able to change the thinking of groups of people all at once.

Who Uses Dark Psychology to Influence People?

So who uses these dark convincing techniques exactly? A persuader exhibits the inability to care about how their influence will impact on others. ⠀ Such individuals are either complete narcissistics and see their own needs as far more important than the needs of others, or are sociopathic and unable to grasp the concept of another people’s emotions..

The History of Persuasion

Throughout time, persuasion has evolved and changed from its early days. For many years persuasion has existed; it has indeed existed since ancient Greece. That doesn't mean the art and persuasion process are exactly the same as before. Nevertheless, the art of persuasion and how it is used in today's times has changed considerably.

Richard M. Perloff spent quite a while researching traditional ideologies, how they are used and how they can affect culture as a whole. He has written a book entitled The Dynamics of Persuasion: Communication and Attitudes in the 21st Century. The book discusses the five different ways in which current values are used than in past times. They include: The number of messages considered as persuasion has risen in precarious numbers: In ancient Greece persuasion was used only in writing and in debates between the elites. There wasn't much persuasion and you wouldn't see it very often.

Without some persuasion message accompanying you in modern times, it is difficult to get anywhere. Consider the different types and sources of ads that exist; up to 3000 of these are found every day in the United States. Besides that, people knock at your door often try to make you buy something, believe in what they are selling or try something new. Persuasion is more than ever in history a part of the modern world.

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Persuasion can be said that it travels very fast: it could take weeks or longer to get a persuasive message from one point to another in ancient Greece. The power of persuasion was therefore limited, as most people could not get the message. In the sense of face to face contact many acts of persuasion had to be undertaken this way. In modern times, the use of the Internet, radio, and television is a reasonable source of persuading messages in hardly any time over a long distance. In just seconds, political candidates can be able to appeal to their constituents all at once and each message can be quickly transmitted. Persuasion plays a significantly greater role if it can be distributed too quickly.

Persuasion can mean a lot of money: now businesses have learned the power of persuasion and they do all they can to make it work for them. The more successful they are to persuade consumers to buy their goods, the more money they get. Many organizations are only interested in the persuasion process, including public service firms, marketing companies or advertising agencies. Other companies will be able to use the persuasive strategies provided by these organizations to meet and surpass their marketing targets. Persuasion has become more subtle than it was in the past: at the start of persuasion, the persuader will make his views known clearly to the whole group, so that they will all change their minds. Those days have passed, and the persuasion process is far more discreet. Whilst persuasion can still appear very loud in your face, such as in some types of advertising, many more pursue a more subtle course.

An example is the fact that companies build a certain picture of themselves, for example to be recognizable, so that people can buy their products. You may also remember that they will use peer pressure or just mention a few facts in order to try and come with them instead of having a debate with your peers about going to a party. Although more subtle, persuasion still works as well today as ever. The persuasive method has become more complicated. In addition to being more nuanced and sometimes hard to figure out, it is also on a more complex road. The subject is diverse than in the past and they have to make many more choices. For example, when a person once went to one store in the city to buy anything he or she wanted, he or she can now choose from the food and clothing from different stores. In addition, for each of these shopping categories, more than one choice is often available in the area. The agent finds a good, convincing message to the user or to any other subject more difficult in all these choices.

Effects of Dark Psychology

I'd like to get you and me closer to home. But the side effect is larger. How is this mysterious phenomenon of dark psychology influencing us? Does it even impact us at all? I can assure you that this issue does not contain any doubts and this chapter explains how. Both the manipulator and the subject experience the effects of dark psychology. We have to discuss other key elements of dark psychology in order to understand its influence. Those with certain personality traits that are seen as dark like narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism are likely to experience trouble in every way. They have a greater chance to commit a crime, if all three traits are present in one person.

Narcissism, for example, has a sense of entitlement, sense of superiority, a deep-seated desire for other people's success and a exploitative conduct. Psychopathy has a lack of conscience, an absence of compassion, destructive impulsive behaviour, self-centeredness and failure to assume responsibility. Egotism, contempt and coercion were signs of Machiavellian characteristics. Both features are problems separately, but they can cause problems together. Especially in the relationship between an individual and others. Where the person with all these character traits works for example, the individual would have insufficient performance at the workplace, even with the most mundane tasks. They are also likely to disrupt workflow due to their inability to live with others. They would be intensively hated others. We have to face the following problems in personal relationships. Their constant need for attention and acceptance can be overwhelming to their partners so that the relationships they are in end more easily. They use physical and emotional manipulation to control their partners. They also have the tendencies of being verbally, emotionally or physically abusive to their partners or children ⠀Where it you whose experiencing this, you can seek psychological help so that you can get better. No matter how deeply rooted these problems are, you will strengthen your attitude and counselling experiences. The first step is to understand the situation, acknowledge that you have a problem and seek assistance quickly.

Those of whom deal with persons with characteristics of a narcissist, psychopath and a Machiavellian it will leave them feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted. The impact can sometimes be physical and fatal in extreme cases. There's a person I know whose terrible experience prompted me to write this book literally lost everything. Her home, her career, her financial affairs, but her loss was far more profound. We had no connection to the perpetrator, but we also became victims in the process. Our setbacks weren't as big as hers, but we also suffered loss. We lost our good neighbour for starters. She never died, but from her experience she has never quite recovered. We have lost our faith in strangers. We also seemed to have a further need of confidence and trust in our relationships to survive. The greatest impact on anyone is that dark psychology creates a deep sense of loss. Some people lose their valuables, some also lose close ties with others and sometimes the most unfortunate lose their lives. Given all this, the consequences of the darkness are strong.

Experts say there is a very high tendency for one person to exhibit the other traits if he exhibits one of the dark personality characteristics. For example, a narcissist can also have some character traits of Machiavellianism. For general community, when these characteristics are shown by the larger members of the society, it is safe to say that the crime rate is significantly high in that community. This is not to suggest that more criminally inclined individuals are living in cities or in countries with higher crime rate. Additional factors must be taken into account. Neither can the possibility be completely excluded.

The impact of actions directly related to or attributed to the dark personality characteristics, is one aspect that can not be omitted. There are some harmful habits that turn victims into perperators, and this cycle goes on until someone has the confidence and the strength to break free. Of example, children from abusive homes grow up to be abusers most of the time. In some situations, they are stuck in similarly abusive relationships, even if they are not the perpetrators themselves. It is almost like the violent elements that formed her childhood home have a strong gravitational pull.

Some others may become victims of such an enormous psyche effect that something snaps inside them. The 'snap' may be brief, I have read that but in that short moment, they lose their control and are at the mercy of acting on the strongest emotion available which most of the time is anger. This condition is why some people claim for temporary insanity. But when they 'snap' there are those who decide take up the dark emotions. Any sense of what is wrong and what is right disappears within them. The effects are often catastrophic.

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