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Review the Different Hypnotherapy Techniques for Phobias 

This essay will look at what stress and anxiety are and how that can challenge diagnosis and impact treatment. before going on to other limitations of treatment. I will address phobias; the difference between fears and phobia and how that impacts on choices of treatment...

The Range of Effectivity of Phobia's Influence

Imagine being scared to go outside, to get on an elevator, or even to take a bite of food. For many people this fear consumes their everyday life. It is a psychological problem called a phobia. A phobia is a psychological condition that needs to...

Phobia of Public Speaking and Cognitive Therapy

The study of associative learning in Psychology has specialised in two sub-fields: Classical (Pavlovian) conditioning focuses on how “mental” representations of stimuli are linked whereas instrumental conditioning deals (mainly) with response-outcome associations. It is agreed though that, at the most general level, their associative structures...

The Effectiveness Of CBT In The Treatment Of Phobias

The psychological studies above support the discussion on the effectiveness of CBT in the treatment of phobias and have suggested that CBT is effective as it helps to alter the patients negative thoughts or beliefs by motivating them to think about the positive statements that...

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