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Main Disadvantages Reward System and Recognition

The reward system is a group of neural structures responsible for incentive salience, associative learning, and positively balanced emotions, particularly ones which involve pleasure as a core component. The Reward is the attractive and motivational property of a stimulus that induces appetitive behavior, also known...

Carl Rogers and Anna’s Case Study

Carl Rogers was born on the 8th of January 1902 and passed away at the age of 85 on the 4th of January 1987. Rogers was known for developing the person-centered approach and helping found the humanistic approach. Rogers was influenced by Abraham Maslow who...

My Ambition Far Exceeded My Talents

One important thing to ask about Ambition is if being too motivated is inherently wrong or selfish. This question is important because ambition is motivation, which helps business-men create businesses, Writers to write novels, and Creators to create. A common misconception seems to be that...

Motivation: Learning What Motivates You

The theoretical structure is the essential piece of each study since its fill in as a manual for deliberately distinguish, the coherent and entirely characterised relationship among variable. It doesn’t just help researchers decided the relationship among variable yet, also, equips the researcher with a...

Motivation Of People Seeking For Revenge

People tend to become extremely motivated in the pursuit of seeking out revenge on others for various reasons. From something mediocre to an extreme. Revenge is the forceful desire to inflict hurt or harm to another for a wrong suffered at their hands or just...

How My Favorite Author's Work Has Changed Me

Starting with an exercise to describe your favorite person, Finding a Job in Tough Times by Dr. Tim Johnson leads the reader on a journey of self-discovery. Through introspection, reflection, and self-direction, the book challenges the job-seeker to become more emotionally fit to weather the...

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