How To Achieve Your Goals?

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People complain, they complain about their situation without even trying to change it. They ask me: „Why should I even try“ „I‘m doing this so long, I can‘t reach anything“ they keep doubting themselves.

But you know what is gonna make the big difference in Life? If you still keep going, if you still continue & continue, even in hard times, working hard, chasing your dreams. Let these people talk who doubt you, who talk shit in public about you & are being fake, who waste their time being pathetic, ask yourself why you even gave a fuck about them and ignore them. Life is like a big exam, you have to go through bad times, through hell sometimes, but there are also incredible beautiful times in life, which will be worth anything. Never even think about giving up, go your path until the end, hard work and dedication rewards you.

It‘s gonna make a huge difference, if you do something with 99% of your will or 100%, because that one little damn %, that is gonna make such a big difference. Always ask yourself: „Am I doing my best?“ „Am I even doing enough?“ Keep having faith in yourself and do your best. There are people on this world who have no home, no money, nothing, they have no chances to decide their future, they have no possibility to chase their dreams like we do. Let‘s be thankful and use our chances.

Nothing is impossible in life. Nothing. Of course certain goals are really hard to achieve. But you can reach everything, if you have a goal, the chance and if you have the will, the right attitude & work hard everyday. You can make your dreams become reality, it‘s not always too late. You don‘t believe me? I‘ll give you an perfect example: Anthony Joshua. He is currently one of the best boxers in the world right now. Wanna know when he started chasing his dreams, at what age he started with boxing? The first time he ever got in contact with boxing was when he was 18 years old. After that he started having his first amateur fight, he kept working hard, he had the will & faith and even after he lost some fights.

Look where he is now? Undefeated professional boxer, he is a heavyweight boxing world champion right now. Another old but interesting example is the legendary boxer Rocky Marciano, who did not have his first professional fight until he was 25 years old. He ended up being undefeated. I know everything doesn‘t always work out the way we want it, but sometimes trying is all you can do. I hope I could at least motivate some people and if you actually read everything until the end, thank you a lot.

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