Defining What We Want: Short Term And Long Term Goals

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The goals we have in life define who we are and what we want in life. Some goals are more important than others, but all goals make an impact in your life. It is good to set goals for yourself, so you can always have something to look forward to and keep you going. I have immediate, intermediate and long-term goals in mind that I want to accomplish and that will shape me into the person I want to be.

Immediate goals are goals that are happening now up until two or three years. My immediate goals now are to finish college and become a firefighter. It was at Cooley Elementary school, third grade, that we had a career day. I saw a firefighter giving a speech and without hesitation I went up to him and started paying close attention to his duties and how he helped others out and how much adrenaline he went through throughout the day. It was then when I started to grow a passion for firefighting. I wanted to be a part of that when I grew up, I wanted to help others in need. Back then it was a long-term goal, now it’s becoming reality and it feels amazing to know that you are accomplishing one of your goals. I know I have a passion for firefighting because I get excited just by seeing a firefighting truck on its way to an emergency. The adrenaline in my body and the thought of knowing I will be riding one, one day makes me feel excited. Another immediate goal of mine is to move out of El Paso and go to Alpine, TX to study at the University of Sul Ross and become a cheerleader there. I have been a cheerleader since I was five years old and cheering for that school would be a dream come true. The reason why I want to attend that school is because my soon to be husband (Alan Hernandez) is a soccer player there, we will have our family dorm ready for second semester and we will be living the college life as a family.

Intermediate goals are goals happening from three up to five years. I have plenty of intermediate goals, but the most important ones include my son and his father. My baby’s father and I have been together for four years already and we have a baby named Damian, in about four years we want to give Damian a sibling, so he can have someone to share quality time with. I hope that by then I’m done with college and back in El Paso, so I can be riding the streets in a firefighting truck expanding lives. I also hope that by that time I can own a challenger, I have always wanted a sports car but by the way my bank account is set up right now, I would have to wait until I have a career.

Long term goals are goals that are fifth teen or longer than that. The most important life term goal that I have is to own a house and be a successful wife, mother and daughter. I want to be able to help my mom out in every possible way to the point where she doesn’t have to work anymore. My long term goals include my family the most, I want to be living my best life with them, traveling, having our family get togethers at my own place, having my career and go back to school to become a registered nurse in the NICU. I love babies and nothing would make me happier than being surrounded by little warriors fighting for a chance to live.

Having goals in your life is having your mind set on something and helping you stay motivated and proud when you accomplish them little by little. Having goals means making sacrifices for the things you really want in life but being completely satisfied when they get done and even motivating other people. I want to be able to sit at home one day and say “I made it”.

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