My Career Goals In Criminal Justice Major

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Criminal justice is a course that primarily associated with law enforcement. Interestingly, criminal justice has been broadening with time, and even equipping learns to venture into other careers not related to law enforcement.

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice major can equip one to become a private investigator, detective, a security guard, sheriff’s deputy, police officer, corrections officer, and many more. More so, one can advance in education to become a lecturer. Also, a graduate in criminal justice major can pursue a degree in law to become a lawyer or a judge. The availability and viability of all the career choices that I have listed confuse most of the graduates in Criminal Justice Major (Johnston, 2018). Notwithstanding the confusion, one has to make a choice and work hard to succeed in the career.

The crime rate has been rising as time goes by, especially among the youths. Drug abuse and dealings, extrajudicial killings, sexual abuse, homicides, terrorism, and cybercrime are among the most frequent crimes in the United States. Law enforcement agencies require smart and passionate agents to combat the influencers, sympathizers, and agents of such crimes. In most cases, the FBI agents are the ones connected to bringing down these crimes through professional investigations (Ellis, Farrington & Hoskin, 2019). I have always felt attracted to read about the achievements of passionate, hardworking, and patriot FBI agents.

It has been my childhood dream of becoming an FBI agent, and the knowledge I have gained in studying criminal justice major will equip me to become one. Some of the primary duties of an FBI agent are counterterrorism and criminal investigations. However, it may be challenging for a fresh graduate like me to get a chance of serving in the agency (Oliver, 2019). Consequently, I will need to further my education by obtaining a master’s degree in Criminal Justice to secure a good position in the FBI. I intend to join one of the universities to start my master’s degree immediately after graduating to save time to explore in my career.

I will also apply for a career entry job in the law enforcement offices to keep my mind in line with my career while studying my master’s degree. I will be working and interacting with experienced law enforcers in my career entry job. The position will place me in an excellent position for getting experience in law enforcement such that I will have gained experience of more than two years by the end of my master’s degree (Oliver, 2019). So to say, if all goes well, I will have earned a master’s degree, an experience of two or more years, and a good career profile. These factors will help me to qualify to achieve my childhood dream.

Being an FBI agent will place me in an excellent position to contribute to nation-building through law enforcement. I work hard each day while collaborating with my colleagues to bring down the crime rate to levels that have never been attained before. It will be my pride to be among top FBI officers working tirelessly to unearth criminals as a way of making this country and the world at large the best place for all persons (Савчук, 2018).

Nothing excites me more than the thought of becoming an FBI agent. I imagine I will undergo training to enhance my physical and cognitive skills. I will train hard to overcome challenges set by trainers in the training field (Ellis, Farrington & Hoskin, 2019). I will be receiving an adequate salary to cater to my needs and support me in broadening my career before I retire.

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