Essay Samples on Mother

Struggles of a Single Parent

Being a mom can be the hardest, empowering thing any woman can do. For others, they think it can be the wort thing in the word. Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages of being a single mom. In today’s world there are numbers of children…

A Light-Hearted Letter To My Future Daughter

Dear future daughter, I decided today that your name will be Ellen. Yesterday it was Zoe and tomorrow it might be Jade. Doesn’t matter really, it’s just something for the rest of the world to know you by. To me, you are Precious. Precious because…

Mother's Point of View In 'Everyday Use'

The short story Everyday Use written by Alice Walker, is written in Mother’s point of view. As the story starts, she reluctantly anticipates the arrival of her oldest little girl Dee. Mother remains close to her pulled back and physically scarred more youthful girl Maggie….

Teenage Moms as Role Models for Younger Generation

Are Young Mums Role Models? The typical ‘teen mum’: irresponsible, a bad mum, a secondary school dropout and living in poverty. They are portrayed to the British public in the media as careless and incapable mothers, but do we really think beyond the snap judgements…

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