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Value Of Honesty And Correctness

The word value is defined as superior and useful quality in the dictionary (TDK, 2011). Value is the abstract behavior discipline formed by the strong emotional bonds of the members of a group, whose special behaviors and aims constitute the basis of judgment (Theoderson 1979,...

Analysis of the Multifaceted Concept of Disgrace

Disgrace is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as the “embarrassment and the loss of people’s respect, or the behaviour that causes someone to be a disgrace as well as to be a disgrace to something or someone.” Disgrace is also a verb and is defined...

The Importance of Honesty and Halting of Lies

We all tell lies on a daily basis of our life however, does one feel guilty when that? I’m certain you are doing. Honesty could be a price, one thing meaningful that continually attracts success, accomplishment, and well being. With being honest you’re being ethical,...

The Mundanity of Cheating and Unethical Behavior

Unethical behavior is spread throughout society today. Although the media focuses on extreme cases of deceit, cheating, and deception, fraud can be found in government, schools, sports, business and personal relationships. Cheating is defined as ‘an act of dishonesty in order to gain an advantage,’...

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