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Guilt as the Central Theme in the Literature

Guilt is one of the central themes and the center of the whole novel as readers' thoughts of guilts towards Perry and Dick vary as we learn more about their past. Regardless of who pulled the triggered and committed the actual murder, I think both...

Adnan Syed Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty

This last piece of evidence is very important as it complet----. In episode 9 of the podcast, a woman named Laura came out to Sarah Koenig testifying that “There’s no way, there was never any phones at Best Buy. There was never any phones around...

Birling Family Character Analysis in An Inspector Calls

The representation of guilt in An Inspector calls wasn’t shown by any of the characters until Inspector Goole arrives along with the news of Eva Smiths death, from that point the guilt from each of the characters is shown in different ways. Each of the...

Law And Guilt Themes In Camus'S The Outsider And Kafka'S The Trial

In comparing the central themes of trials, the Law and guilt in Albert Camus’s The Outsider (1942) and Franz Kafka’s The Trial (1925), we are faced initially and at least superficially with a plethora of similarities. Although the publication (posthumously and even of an unfinished...

The Usage of Guilt as a Driving Force for Decision-Making in The Kite Runner

Voltaire once said, “Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”. Every decision made in life is followed by a consequence. Guilt is one of the most frequent consequences in the novel, The Kite Runner. Khaled Hosseini depicts the cataclysmic ability...

The Representation Of Guilt in "An Inspector Calls"

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An Inspector Calls is a play written by an English dramatist J.B. Priestley in 1945 (Post WW2). The play is a three-act drama: it takes place on a single night in April 1912 (post WW1). Priestley’s views as a Socialist, he uses the play to...

"The Kite Runner": the Story of Betrayal, Guilt and Redemption

Essay grade Excellent

Religion tends to be followed by many citizens but may be interpreted differently amongst many people in societies. The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini, illustrates how individuals may hurts others with their own personal choices and beliefs. The book portrayed how the characters were...

Analysis of the Character of Vera Claythorne in "And Then There Were None"

Essay grade Excellent

‘’The sea. . . So peaceful today – sometimes so cruel … The sea that dragged you down to its depth. Drowned … Found drowned … Drowned at sea … Drowned – drowned – drowned …’’ A quote that seems so little yet a deeper...

The Reality Of False Confessions

Essay grade Excellent

Common sense dictates that no one would confess to a crime they didn’t commit, and that makes sense; logically, there are no circumstances under which an innocent person should confess to something that they didn’t do. Yet, in more than 25% of cases where the...

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