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Guilt as the Central Theme in the Literature

Guilt is one of the central themes and the center of the whole novel as readers’ thoughts of guilts towards Perry and Dick vary as we learn more about their past. Regardless of who pulled the triggered and committed the actual murder, I think both...

Adnan Syed Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty

This last piece of evidence is very important as it complet—-. In episode 9 of the podcast, a woman named Laura came out to Sarah Koenig testifying that “There’s no way, there was never any phones at Best Buy. There was never any phones around...

The Reality Of False Confessions

Common sense dictates that no one would confess to a crime they didn’t commit, and that makes sense; logically, there are no circumstances under which an innocent person should confess to something that they didn’t do. Yet, in more than 25% of cases where the...

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