Guilt as the Central Theme in the Literature

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Guilt is one of the central themes and the center of the whole novel as readers' thoughts of guilts towards Perry and Dick vary as we learn more about their past. Regardless of who pulled the triggered and committed the actual murder, I think both of the murderers are equally guilty. Yes, Perry was responsible for all four of the murders, however, it was Dick’s idea. 

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Dick was also the one who said “leave no witness”. Even though Dick didn’t “touch a single human hair”, he was the one with the idea and had driven Perry to commit the murders. He also did nothing to stop Perry from murdering the whole family. Regardless of their background story, the ‘team’ committed the murder by operating together, it is just for both of them to receive the same trial, even though they didn’t physically commit the same things, but they were both partners in crime.

Throughout the book, Truman Capote used various point of view to portray the novel, Omniscient and first person. Most of the novel was written in the third person, omniscient, which allows the narrator to portray the story knowing everything and seeing everything without bias. The perspective also shifts from the Clutters and to Dick and Perry. The first person perspective can inform the readers about both sides’ situations and events at the same time which also create a tough tension between. Also, most of the ‘actions’ events were portrayed in the first person, which allows the readers to experience the moments first hand vividly. Capote’s strategy of shifting perspectives made every scene in the novel an attractive and descriptive moment.

The protagonist is the main character in any story. In ‘Cold Blood’, Perry is the protagonist as he is the most portrayed character as also the ‘hub to this universe’. The protagonist is usually- but not limited to only being the good guy. Capote spends more time in the narratives of Perry and Dick, although they are the 'bad' guys. The readers learned all about Perry’s shattered and miserable past which had ended up him committing a murder. 

The author meant to create sympathy towards the readers. Perry is so well-portrayed that the readers are almost rooting for him as they start to care more and more about this criminal that committed four murders to a wonderful family. Perry’s past and his struggles made him the protagonist of the novel, but it is also that that made him an antagonist as all these characteristics do not go alone harmonically. 

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