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Superstition In The Estonian Folklore

Superstition is deriving from religious discourse, which cannot be used to denote a neutral analytical category of folkloristics because it is full of connotations from the past. Lutheran Church established the right pattern of behavior and thinking of a devout Christian believer, who is opposed...

Interview of My Friend About His Islamic Beliefs

Most of my friends are atheists and my parents and relatives do not participate in religious activities, thus I did not have a lot of choices on who to interview. I decided to interview one of my friends who were religious since he was one...

The Role of Kindness in the Modern World

In this world full of antagonism, we all affray for existence, but the only thing that brings peace of mind is the hand serving kindness. Remember, any time you have been mean or curt to someone and that actually made you happy? No. It never...

The Perception of Reality and Truth by People

Truth, the property of sentences, assertions, beliefs, thoughts, or propositions in metaphysics and philosophy are said to agree with the facts or state what is the case in normal discourse. Truth is the object of the belief; logical error is a mistake. Individuals need to...

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